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SD-WAN is an investment that organizations are quickly adopting for rapid ROI and immediate benefits to enhance digital experiences for customers and partners. Key to the end-to-end assurance in any multi-vendor network as well as for SD-WAN is the ability to identify, predict and respond to the ever-changing enterprise landscape.


Visual Analytics for Cisco SD-WAN


Monitor the network edge with LiveAgent


Visibility for Cisco SD-Access and Catalyst 9k integration


Flexible deployment options

Plan, Verify, Operate Multi-vendor SD-WAN

SD-WAN Policy Verification

Know before you go. Leverage the LiveNX platform to verify application and tunnel policy design with rich SD-WAN visual analytics for continuous performance monitoring and control of your network environment.

Extend visibility beyond the edge with LiveAgent

Eliminate unmanaged IT assets

Extend the edge with LiveAgent endpoint visibility

LiveAgent extends your visibility beyond the edge of the network to the endpoints. With the latest release, now see the endpoints within reports, topology views and flow base troubleshooting.

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Catalyst 9000 / SD-Access

Catalyst 9000 / SD-Access Performance Monitoring

Leveraging previously released Catalyst 9000 support, LiveNX now presents a traffic assessment view for multi dataset visualization of application to VPN to SGT to client segmentation flows to simplify the Human in the loop mental model of the current environment.


Deployment Options

LiveNX Server Appliance

The LiveNX Server Appliance is a converged infrastructure appliance optimized for rapid deployment for NetOps environments. Delivering LiveNX at scale but with the simplicity of a single appliance, preconfigured with memory and storage, and ready to go.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – Flexible Deployment

Choice is a good thing. LiveNX 7 offers cloud-based deployment options on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Microsoft Azure. This added flexibility provides elastic cloud compute and storage environment for LiveNX distributed architectures for those customers who prefer an Opex consumption model.

With LiveNX in AWS or Microsoft Azure customers can more easily manage Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR 1000v Series) or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments, or chose a shorter backhaul of network telemetry data where appropriate for a hybrid environment.

NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Deployment of LiveNX and LiveUX

LiveUX and LiveNX can now be hosted in a Cisco NFVIS environment. This allows customers to run LiveUX in order to monitor cloud application performance with on a wide variety from Cisco platforms, including the ISR and ASR router family, the Catalyst 9000 campus switch family as well as the ENCS platform. This allows for proactive application performance testing, especially for enterprises adopting UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) deployments.

Proactive Insights

LiveInsight™ – Machine Learning for the Network

  • Human-in-the-loop capabilities enable LiveNX to augment the expert & automate routine tasks
  • Proactively notify on meaningful change of application performance using anomaly detection
  • Prevent end-user experience problems before they occur
  • Enhance security through behavioral analytics
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