LiveNX 7 delivers industry leading enterprise visibility and SD-WAN service assurance

Complete lifecycle SD-WAN service assurance

SD-WAN is an investment that organizations are quickly adopting for rapid ROI and immediate benefits to enhance digital experiences for customers and partners. Key to the end-to-end assurance in any multi-vendor network as well as for SD-WAN is the ability to identify, predict and respond to the ever-changing enterprise landscape.


Hybrid Infrastructure Visibility


Application / User Experience

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Service Assurance


Proactive Insights

Hybrid Infrastructure Visibility

Multi-Vendor SD-WAN Visibility and Assurance

LiveNX is a network performance and analytics platform that delivers real-time visualization of the network topology with dashboard status, custom reporting and policy verification at scale to enable service assurance across the enterprise.

It provides lifecycle solutions across Day 0 planning, Day 1 deployment and Day 2 operations with drill downs for troubleshooting for rapid Time to Resolution.

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Baseline and Plan for SD-WAN Deployment

Plan, build, operate your SD-WAN service successfully with LiveAction’s LiveNX network performance and analytics platform. LiveNX integrates with industry-leading SD-WAN providers to ensure key application performance is baselined and network QoS policies and configurations deliver the expected behavior. As the new SD-WAN or hybrid IT environment is operational, LiveNX enables you to validate and optimize network performance regularly.

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Application and User Experience

LiveNX – Apple Fastlane Reporting

With the combination of the strategic announcement between Apple and Cisco, and the growing emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as the new normal in many enterprise organizations, having visibility and reporting capabilities to monitor the performance of Apple device is becoming increasingly important.

LiveNX reports on the performance of policies applied to Apple iOS devices and apps for business users running on Cisco enterprise environments. LiveNX generates Fast Lane reports showing metrics for application performance, utilization and business relevance across enterprise environments.

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LiveUX™ – User Experience Monitoring

LiveUX proactively monitors end-user experience of cloud based, or on-premise web applications, by performing periodic active tests to collect data about your network and application performance. LiveUX reports on the availability and performance for any web-based application to address issues before they impact users.

LiveUX can be hosted on Cisco NFVIS in order to provide an embedded capability on any Cisco router or switch to monitor user experience for any on-premise or cloud-based application, ranging from SaaS to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

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LiveAgent EndPoint Visibility

LiveAgent extends the reach of the LiveNX network performance and analytics platform all the way from the cloud through the data center to endpoint server, VM or container. LiveAgent gathers endpoint information on system resources for a complete end-to-end view of the entire enterprise network perimeter.

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Service Assurance

Extended Packet Analysis and Capture integration with Corvil

Together, the complimentary platforms deliver insights from multiple network flow sources and packet-level data. This provides operations teams with increased visibility into their IT networks, along with deeper analytic insights and stronger cybersecurity.

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Management WorkFlow Integration with ServiceNow

As LiveNX collects, stores and analyzes real-time network telemetry data, it alerts on identified patterns and conditions with precision. For organizations that rely on ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform to automate and optimize businesses processes, integration of the two platforms makes sense. With the LiveNX 7 REST API, automated alert to incident reporting and management workflows with ServiceNow deliver faster time to resolution and more accurate problem identification.

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Deployment Options

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – Flexible Deployment

Choice is a good thing. LiveNX 7 offers cloud-based deployment options on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as Microsoft Azure. This added flexibility provides elastic cloud compute and storage environment for LiveNX distributed architectures for those customers who prefer an Opex consumption model.

With LiveNX in AWS or Microsoft Azure customers can more easily manage Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR 1000v Series) or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environments, or chose a shorter backhaul of network telemetry data where appropriate for a hybrid environment.

NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Deployment of LiveNX and LiveUX

LiveUX and LiveNX can now be hosted in a Cisco NFVIS environment. This allows customers to run LiveUX in order to monitor cloud application performance with on a wide variety from Cisco platforms, including the ISR and ASR router family, the Catalyst 9000 campus switch family as well as the ENCS platform. This allows for proactive application performance testing, especially for enterprises adopting UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) deployments.

Proactive Insights

LiveInsight™ – Machine Learning for the Network

  • Human-in-the-loop capabilities enable LiveNX to augment the expert & automate routine tasks
  • Proactively notify on meaningful change of application performance using anomaly detection
  • Prevent end-user experience problems before they occur
  • Enhance security through behavioral analytics
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