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Cisco and LiveAction Partnership

Teaming to Provide Breakthrough Networking Solutions

Success Story: LiveAction and Cisco Partnership with ePlus and NetApp

Cisco and LiveAction have over two decades of innovation, empowering networks globally with unmatched visibility and actionable insights. LiveAction empowers network professionals to identify and resolve issues across increasingly complex networks by simplifying data collection, correlation, and presentation.

LiveAction joined the Cisco Investments family in 2014. Since then, Cisco has participated in numerous additional financings. LiveAction is a member of the Cisco Solution Partner Program, which provides access to Gold partners, the highest tier of partners in Cisco’s channel ecosystem.

Our investment in LiveAction underscores the market interest in bringing software-defined networking (SDN) to the Wide Area Network (WAN) in large-scale environments. “We’re excited to work together to augment our Intelligent WAN strategy with a unique means for customers to achieve network traffic visibility and centralized control of specific applications.

– Jeff Reed
Vice President of Network Transformation for Enterprise Networks

Better Network Performance and Reliability

LiveAction assists organizations in maximizing the benefits of their Cisco investments.

  • LiveAction’s LiveNX for network visibility is listed on Cisco’s Global Price List
  • LiveAction’s LiveWire for packet capture and forensics is certified* on UCS hardware yielding a 300% improvement in effective comparative capture rate**
  • Cisco security ecosystem integrations with Splunk, Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch) and SD-WAN security logging features (HSL & ULogging) for faster mean time to resolution (MTTR) for network and security incidents
  • Maintaining an Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) certification and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) approved.

*Certified by LiveAction
**Effective packet storage ratio of 3:1 due to smart compression and truncation of encrypted packet data

Cisco Full Stack Observability with LiveAction

LiveAction provides a comprehensive solution for IT teams to gain network visibility throughout the enterprise, both on-premises and in the cloud for network performance management and capacity planning. This complements Cisco’s full-stack observability architecture across Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) and the network.

LiveAction has the widest range of functionality and the best methods of storage and visualization of any of the tools out there.

– Network Engineer, Banking

Unified Network Monitoring on Cisco Environments

LiveNX, LiveAction’s flagship network performance monitoring solution, is deeply integrated into Cisco SD-WAN and most Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls. LiveNX provides unified network monitoring across Cisco environments such as Cisco WebEx, hybrid cloud, and multidomain monitoring.

LiveNX supports the implementation of all Cisco SD-WAN platforms by simplifying the network with unique interactive topology and end-to-end flow visualization to create better digital experiences for end users. Additionally, LiveNX leverages Cisco applications to simplify voice, video, and application troubleshooting. It retrieves real-time information from the network, retains historical information for analytics, and delivers continuous insights to customers.

LiveAction is also part of the Cisco Black Belt Academy. This simplified & uniform role-based enablement framework empowers the skills to have richer customer interactions that will fuel their change initiatives. The LiveAction Black Belt course takes partners through 2 tracks containing rich video content: a sales track designed to help salespeople learn in-depth about solutions and a presales track that takes a deeper dive into the technical aspect of the LiveAction and Cisco joint solution.

For more information about the partnership, read Cisco’s blog: Cisco and LiveAction: Better Together

LiveAction is the best application performance tool in the industry by far. It’s unmatched and unparalleled in the scope of functions that it can do and the sources of information it can gather, process and present as well as the overall insight it can present to our customers that are interested in how applications are performing across the network.

– Tim Szigeti
Principal Engineer on the Enterprise Engineering Group

Value of Cisco and LiveAction Partnership

Learn how LiveAction complements Cisco AppDynamics, Thousand Eyes and Splunk.

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