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Network protocol analyzer.

Get network protocol analyzer capabilities, on your Windows machine, to quickly conduct deep packet analysis to resolve network and security issues.

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Detect network performance
bottlenecks in their tracks.

Omnipeek analyzes the packet data and provides intuitive visualizations to help solve network and application performance issues and investigate security incidents.

Omnipeek Delivers:

  • Packet capture and analysis that analyzes the data for you
  • Recordings of exactly what happened for analysis of network, application, and security issues
  • Stunning visualizations of analyzed data to quickly solve problems
  • Expert analysis of network data, including voice, video, and wireless

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The world’s easiest to use network protocol analyzer.

Accelerate mean time to resolution

Get the right data at the right time to solve even the most complex issues with actionable metadata, forensic packet analysis, and packet data visualization.

Magnify network monitoring and visibility

See more with unprecedented real-time visibility into networks and applications, including voice, video and wireless. Visualize packet-based analytics by flow and in full-color graphics.

Solve network issues with built-in insights

Built-in, real-time analysis of hundreds of common network problems, including automatic alerts based on expert analysis or when configured network policies are violated.

What you can do with Omnipeek.

Real-Time Analyzer

Real-time network protocol analyzer for any network.

Omnipeek provides real-time analysis for every type of network segment – 1/10/40/100 Gigabit, 802.11, and voice and video over IP – with Omnipeek’s advanced hardware. 

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Intuitive Visualizations

Monitor and troubleshoot voice and video quality.

Monitor and troubleshoot voice and video over IP traffic with high-level multi-media summary statistics, call playback, and comprehensive signaling and media analyses. 

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Analytics Workflow

Best-in-class network analytics workflow.

Omnipeek analyzes data on-the-fly, providing real-time analytics and visualizations of the entire data set. Omnipeek starts with the metadata representing the network. All flows are automatically analyzed, eliminating the need to analyze the data flow-by-flow like open-source solutions. The goal is to only view a packet decode when absolutely necessary.

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Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Monitor distributed networks from anywhere.

Omnipeek extends network monitoring and visibility for troubleshooting network and application issues at remote sites and branches, WAN links, and data centers through it’s integration with LiveWire appliances and virtual software. Securely troubleshoot remote devices from anywhere, leveraging the full analytical power of Omnipeek.  

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WiFi Troubleshooting

Enhance WiFi speed and security.

Connect the Omnipeek WiFi adapter, a USB-connected WLAN device, for wireless packet capture. Omnipeek provides dashboards for wireless analysis and provides the unique capability of capturing wireless data on multiple channels simultaneously, which is critical in today’s mobile environments.  

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St. Luke’s University Health Network uses LiveAction to proactively diagnose and troubleshoot systems critical to patient care.

“Without Omnipeek, we could only see the symptoms and from there we had to try and guess what was happening in the background. With Omnipeek, we can actually see the packets. We could see the client trying to connect to the access point and being rejected. Previously, the access point was simply saying ‘No, I am not going to let you come in.’ We had no idea that was happening or why.”

– Kevin Allen Network Manager,
Northern NSW Local Health District

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