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Optimize Business Application Delivery with LiveAction’s LiveNX and Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric

Gigamon and LiveAction-together

Complex network environments require simple monitoring solutions. Organizations use LiveAction’s LiveNX to manage network performance in these environments. Leveraging Gigamon’s Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF) to capture and intelligently route high-fidelity packets or streams of network traffic, LiveNX provides an intuitive and powerful way to monitor, manage and troubleshoot applications and network performance for today’s enterprise IT environments and provide benefits in the following areas:

  • Hybrid WAN/SD-WAN Monitoring and Service Assurance
  • Voice and Video Optimization
  • QoS Configuration and Validation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive Packet Analytics for Multi-Domain
  • Application Performance and Troubleshooting
  • WAN Bandwidth Management
  • Capacity Planning and Performance Baselining
  • Cybersecurity

How the Joint Solution Works

Gigamon VAF provides LiveNX with network traffic as packets and continual NetFlow records. Network traffic from TAP and SPAN ports are sent to the VAF.

The user specifies which traffic to monitor and the VAF passes packets and generates NetFlow/IPFIX records which can be analyzed by LiveNX.

The Challenge

Business-critical applications always need to be protected and not impacted by less critical traffic. When there is an application performance problem, 90% of the time is spent identifying the root-cause as opposed to fixing the problem.

The Solution

Gigamon’s Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF) combined with LiveAction’s LiveNX network visualization and analytics platform provides the effective visibility and actionable intelligence to optimize your network for business application delivery.

Joint Solution Benefits

  • Monitoring and sending packets and metadata to LiveNX provides a deep understanding of application traffic flows throughout the entire network
  • Support for real time visibility and expert analysis of the data center and cloud
  • Generating NetFlow/IPFIX from any traffic flow avoids unnecessary processing on network devices and extends visibility to any location or flow within the network
  • Masking sensitive data according to industry regulations can help meet compliance
  • De-duplicating, aggregating, filtering, and offloading packet processing provides LiveNX an optimized data source in order to ingest packets and accurately represent network flows

Gigamon and LiveAction-together

LiveNX leverages packet capture analysis with advanced technologies such as QoS, NBAR2, application visibility and control (AVC), IP SLA, Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) and cloud monitoring (AWS) to provide an effective monitoring solution in the area of application network performance. It uses SNMP to do basic monitoring for QoS, IP SLA, routing, ACL and others technologies. It leverages API’s from SD-WAN and other fabrics to verify performance and network intent. It uses NetFlow for advanced technologies like NBAR2, AVC, and now Gigamon VAF and Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI). Employing a variety of data sources, LiveNX visualizes packets and flows across your network topology so you can understand what is happening in your network and the impact on application performance.

Key Gigamon VAF features include:

Easy access to traffic from physical and virtual networks: Gigamon allows packet traffic from across the network to be managed and delivered to LiveNX, efficiently and in the correct format. To monitor east-west data center traffic, Gigamon taps virtual traffic and incorporates it into the VAF for delivery to LiveNX, for all traffic to be monitored and analyzed together.

NetFlow and Metadata Generation: Processing intensive tasks can be offloaded from network devices by using Gigamon VAF functionality for generating unsampled, enhanced metadata in NetFlow, IPFIX or CEF format from any selected traffic stream and sent to LiveNX.

Traffic filtering: The Gigamon VAF can send specific traffic types or sessions to LiveNX for visualization and analysis of targeted traffic.

Effective Visibility and Smart Analysis Optimizes Business Application Delivery

How LiveAction and Gigamon Combine to Streamline Application Delivery and Troubleshooting


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