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Application Delivery and Troubleshooting with LiveAction LiveNX and Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline

Complex network environments require simple monitoring solutions, and enterprises lean on LiveAction LiveNX to provide a single source of truth for effectively monitoring and managing network performance and security. By leveraging the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to capture and intelligently route high-fidelity packets or streams of network traffic, LiveNX provides an intuitive and powerful method to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot application and network performance for today’s enterprise IT environments, providing benefits in the following areas:

  • Hybrid WAN/SD-WAN Monitoring and Service Assurance
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Application Performance and Troubleshooting
  • Voice and Video Optimization
  • QoS Configuration and Validation
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive Packet Analytics for Multi-Domain
  • Capacity Planning and WAN Bandwidth Management

How the Joint Solution Works

LiveNX unifies network telemetry from many different sources into a single view of the enterprise network. Gigamon provides network telemetry in two ways. It aggregates network traffic as packets from TAPs, SPANs, and other sources and generates NetFlow/IPFIX records for LiveNX.  Gigamon can also pass packets directly to LiveWire for storage and deep analysis that also feeds into LiveNX.

Figure 1: Gigamon and LiveAction Joint Solution (On-Premises)

LiveNX effectively monitors application network performance by leveraging LiveWire’s packet capture analysis with deep packet inspection (DPI) visibility for SD-WAN and cloud environments. LiveNX uses SNMP to monitor device health, QoS, and other KPIs, along with APIs from SD-WAN and other fabrics, to verify performance and network intent. IPFIX and NetFlow are used for advanced application performance monitoring, conversational data, and now Gigamon and Application Metadata Intelligence (AMI). LiveNX can also be paired with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow for full operational excellence.

Employing a variety of data sources, LiveNX visualizes packets and flows across your network topology so you can understand what is happening in your network and the impact on application performance.

Key features of the joint LiveAction and Gigamon solution include:

Easy Analysis of Traffic from Physical Networks: LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility across the network. Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline enables traffic from across the network to be managed and delivered to LiveNX efficiently via packets and flow.

Easy Analysis of Traffic from Virtual Networks: East-West data center traffic for virtual environments like VMware, OpenStack, AWS, and Azure is growing rapidly. Gigamon captures this traffic and delivers it to LiveNX via LiveWire, ensuring all network traffic can be monitored and analyzed together. This helps organizations avoid blind spots, increasing the likelihood of spotting suspicious behaviors and removing the need to learn a new set of tools for virtual environments.

Efficiently Analyze Relevant Traffic with Intelligent Filtering: Users can focus on specific traffic of interest with LiveAction’s integration with Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline. Gigamon can be configured to only send relevant traffic, or relevant sessions as needed, for a specific use case.

Analysis of Flow Metadata for Application Visibility: LiveNX can consume unsampled NetFlow/IPFIX metadata for any traffic flow from Gigamon at scale. Gigamon generates extended metadata records for metrics like HTTP response codes and DNS queries, providing a far more detailed contextual analysis when looking at network and security events.

Figure 2: Gigamon and LiveAction Joint Solution (AWS)

Joint Solution Benefits

  • Delivering packets and metadata from Gigamon to LiveNX provides a deep understanding of application flows across the network, including virtual environments
  • Delivers real time visibility and expert analysis for application and network performance across the data center and the cloud
  • Generating NetFlow/IPFIX from any traffic flow avoids unnecessary processing on network devices and extends visibility to any location or flow within the network
  • Masking sensitive data according to industry regulations can help meet compliance
  • De-duplicating, aggregating, filtering, and offloading packet processing provides LiveNX with an optimized packet data source to accurately represent network flows

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