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Extend Network Visibility and Troubleshooting

Scalable packet to flow data for detailed visibility anywhere from, remote offices to data centers to Cloud.

LiveWire integrates with LiveNX to extend network monitoring and application troubleshooting to remote sites and branches, WAN edge, and data centers with high-performance packet capture appliances and analysis software.


Optimize Application Performance at Remote Sites, WAN edge, and Data Centers

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at remote sites, WAN edge, and data centers.

Capture Packet Data from Virtually Anywhere

Capture packet data from virtually anywhere in the network and analyze them using our network management platform, LiveNX.

Comprehensive Network Visibility at Remote Sites and Data Centers

Extend network tracking to remote sites, branches, Cloud, WAN edge, LAN, and data centers.

Accelerate Troubleshooting and Optimize Application Performance

Easily and quickly troubleshoot applications, including VoIP and video, using both NetFlow and deep forensic analysis.

Easily Transition from Flow to
Forensic-Level Network Analysis

LiveWire makes it easy to identify and quickly resolve network issues with both flow and packet data on a single platform.

Capture Packet Data from Virtually Anywhere in the Network

LiveWire integrates with our LiveNX Platform. LiveWire is a flexible packet capture software that is a tremendous asset to companies of all sizes.

Eliminate Blind Spots in Your Virtual Infrastructure

Using LiveWire software with the LiveNX performance monitoring platform, IT teams can now access the same in-depth level of analytics across their virtual infrastructure as they have for physical networks.

Quickly Identify Application Performance Issues using Flow Data

By converting packet data into rich flow-based data using IPFIX, LiveWire automatically exports this data into LiveNX. From there LiveNX makes it easy to quickly identify and resolve application issues, such as VoIP and video performance problems, without the need for deep forensic analysis.

Easily Transition from Flow Analysis to Forensic-Level Analysis

Once integrated with the LiveNX platform, you can quickly transition from flow analysis to deep forensic analysis using our renowned web-based Omnipeek protocol analysis software.


Improve Deep Packet Inspection with Custom IPFIX Fields

Enable custom fields, such as “phone numbers” or “window size,” for enhanced deep packet inspection.

Ensure Minimal Impact on Production Traffic Performance

By using a network tap or bridge to mirror traffic, LiveWire monitors packet data without impacting the performance of production network traffic.

Securely Manage Network Devices – from a Single Location

LiveWire makes it easy to configure and manage numerous devices at remote sites through a central console.

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