LiveWire – Extend Network Monitoring

Network Visibility and Troubleshooting to Remote Sites, WAN Edge, and Data Centers

LiveWire integrates with LiveNX to extend network monitoring and application troubleshooting to remote sites and branches, WAN edge, and data centers with high-performance packet capture appliances and analysis software.

Extend Network Monitoring
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Optimize Application Performance at Remote Sites, WAN edge, and Data Centers

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at remote sites, WAN edge, and data centers.

Analysis software

Capture Packet Data from Virtually Anywhere

LiveWire products allow you to capture packet data from virtually anywhere in the network and analyze them using the LiveNX platform.

SD-WAN Management

Achieve Visibility at Remote Sites and Data Centers

Extend network tracking to remote sites, branches, WAN edge, LAN, and data centers.

QoS Control

Optimize Application Performance

Easily and quickly troubleshoot applications, including VoIP and video, using both NetFlow and deep forensic analysis.

Easily Transition from Flow to Forensic-Level Analysis

LiveWire makes it easy to identify and quickly resolve network issues with both flow and packet data on a single platform.

Capture Packet Data from Virtually Anywhere in the Network

LiveWire Edge is the perfect packet capture appliance for small remote sites and branches.

LiveWire Core and PowerCore are high-performance packet capture appliances designed for WAN edge, large sites, and data centers.

All LiveWire products integrate with the LiveNX platform.

LiveWire Edge
LiveWire topview
LiveWire Power Core top view

LiveWire Edge

LiveWire Core

LiveWire Power Core

Eliminate blind spots in your virtual infrastructure

Using LiveWire Virtual with the LiveNX performance monitoring platform, IT teams can now access the same in-depth level of analytics across their virtual infrastructure as they have for physical networks.

Identify Application Issues using Flow Data

Quickly Identify Application Issues using Flow Data

LiveFlow converts packet data into rich flow-based data using IPFIX and automatically exports this data into LiveNX. LiveNX then makes it easy to quickly identify and resolve application issues, such as VoIP and video performance problems, without the need for deep forensic analysis.

Easily Transition from Flow Analysis to Forensic-Level Analysis

Within the LiveNX platform, you can quickly transition from flow analysis to deep forensic analysis using our renowned web-based Omnipeek protocol analysis software.

Custom IPFIX Fields

Improve Deep Packet Inspection with Custom IPFIX Fields

LiveFlow enables custom fields, such as “phone numbers” or “window size,” for enhanced deep packet inspection.

Ensure Minimal Impact on Production Traffic Performance

By using a network tap or bridge to mirror traffic, LiveWire products monitor packet data without impacting the performance of production network traffic

LiveWire side-view
Manage LiveWire Devices

Centrally and Securely Manage LiveWire Devices

LiveWire makes it easy to configure and manage numerous LiveWire devices through a central console when LiveWire devices are connected to the internet, such as at remote sites.

LiveWire for LiveNX Overview

Extend network monitoring virtually anywhere in your network.

LiveWire DevicesEdgeCore PowerCore
 SPECIFICATIONSWAN EdgeLiveWire topviewLiveWire Power Core top view
Intended Use CasesRemote Office Large Branch /
WAN Edge
Data Center /
SP Edge
LiveFlow (IPFIX Export) Up to 290 Mbps Up to 4 GbpsUp to 17 Gbps
Forensic Capture (if CTD only)  Up to 850 Mbps Up to 4 Gbps  Up to 40 Gbps* 
Memory 16 GB  32 GB 192 GB
Storage Capacity 1 TB SSD 16 TB64 TB or 128 TB
Dimensions / WeightDesktop Unit
3 lbs
1 Rack Unit
39 lbs
3 Rack Unit
73 lbs
Rack Support  YesReadyRails™ReadyRails™
Volp, Video Analysis Yes Yes Yes

 * Requires External Storage (JBOD Appliance)

Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

5 stars

A new way to see the network

“We can see the network issues that we did not know we had. This allowed us to be more proactive in the enterprise.”

network topology— Network Architect, Services Industry


5 stars

LiveAction is a fantastic visualization troubleshooting and operational run tool for simplifying complex networking technologies such as Cisco iWAN

“We have had a great experience with LiveAction.”

network management— Network Infrastructure Manager, Finance Industry

5 stars

Great capabilities with LiveNX.

“Responsive vendor. Willing to work with customer for installation, integration, and training.”

packet data— Global Telecom, Manufacturing Industry

network visuaization

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