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    Almost every enterprise is considering or going through one of the following transitions: data center consolidation, virtualization, or cloud adoption. This raises the challenges of application performance, management, and security, all of which require deep visibility into network data.

    Extend visibility where none exists

    Digital transformation drives increased machine-to-machine, or east-west, traffic within data centers, most of which stays invisible to IT teams. These blind spots are prevalent and can be costly. With LiveWire Virtual and LiveNX, IT teams can now access the granular insights they need in a single pane of glass to quickly identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues across the traditional network and into the virtual infrastructure. As of July 2020, LiveWire Virtual is available for VMware ESXi and Redhat KVM.

    Full-featured, just like LiveWire appliances

    LiveWire Virtual enables IT teams to capture and convert packets that are traversing virtual data centers into flow data, including both east-west and north-south traffic, which is then consumed by LiveNX for in-depth performance analytics and visualization. This ultimately allows organizations to examine traffic behavior, application usage, and performance within the virtual infrastructure the same way they do on physical networks today. And when problems are detected, a full recording of all network packets related to the problem are available for detailed analysis with a single click.

    Tuned for your specific needs

    LiveWire Virtual has three sizing options, small, medium, and large, to meet your specific needs. The small option is best suited for monitoring remote, lower-bandwidth locations. The medium option works well in small data center settings. And the large option is needed for larger virtual data center operations, or when monitoring high-speed north-south traffic from the virtual server farm. LiveWire Virtual can also be configured to operate in a number of deployment scenarios, including monitoring/capturing through the standard/distributed virtual-switch (vSwitch), monitoring/capturing through the tunneled overlay network, and monitoring/capturing through a virtual tap (vTap) or virtual packet broker (vPB).

    A winning combination you won’t find anywhere else

    Using LiveWire Virtual with the LiveNX performance monitoring platform, IT teams can now access the same in-depth level of analytics across their virtual infrastructure as they have for physical networks – all through a single, unified interface. LiveAction’s virtual monitoring solution is the only one on the market offering packet to flow visualization capabilities for true application performance visibility both on the network and in the virtual infrastructure.

    Use Cases

    Digital Transformations

    Digital transformation initiatives mean more applications, increased use of private and public clouds, and the introduction of network function virtualization (NFV). LiveWire Virtual, in combination with LiveNX, provides data-driven pre-deployment assessments to measure bandwidth usage and performance baselines, as well as post-deployment validation reports. This solution identifies and isolates issues before they become problems, creating success for whatever form your digital transformation takes.

    Ongoing, End-to-End, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    LiveWire Virtual completes the “end-to-end picture” by providing visibility for both monitoring and troubleshooting where none existed before. Application performance monitoring is critical in keeping your business working smoothly, yet applications are being virtualized and migrated to the cloud, both private and public, at breakneck speed. This migration creates a huge blind spot, leaving IT organizations dependent on flow logs and APIs for application performance monitoring, and these technologies do not provide the data needed for real-time, real-world application performance monitoring. LiveWire Virtual provides LiveNX with real-time performance data based on the actual connection data between applications and data sources housed in virtual environments, completing eliminating the blind spots and providing complete flow path analysis.

    Optimized for Highly Distributed Organizations

    Visibility at remote locations was and still is a big issue as enterprise IT organizations struggle to find a cost-effective solution for large numbers of branches or locations. LiveWire Virtual provides an affordable, software-only solution that can be widely distributed and easily managed, providing the true end-to-end visibility that highly distributed organizations have been missing.

    Security Incident Response

    LiveWire Virtual provides more than just data for monitoring. It provides the capability to capture and store every packet it receives. And when it comes to security incident response, there’s nothing more valuable than the packets themselves. You may have the finest IDS/IPS/SIEM solution available, but once the intrusion is found, what’s next? You need a recording of the activity – the network packets – to determine both the fingerprint and extent of the breach. Armed with the data packets, you can respond quickly and confidently in addressing any security issue.

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    Extend packet-to-flow visibility to your virtual infrastructure


    About LiveAction®

    LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility of network and application performance from a single pane of glass. We provide enterprises with confidence that the network is meeting business objectives, full network visibility for better decisions, and reduced cost to operate the network.