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LiveWire + Cisco UCS

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Unprecedented storage density.

17x denser than common competitors.


LiveWire on Cisco UCS Delivers:

  • Up to 3PB of effective storage in 4 Rack Units, 17x denser than common competitors
  • High performance network packet telemetry from physical and virtual Cisco UCS appliances
  • Transition from high-level monitoring to detailed packet analysis to quickly isolate root cause
  • Availability on Cisco GPL*
  • Certified to run on Cisco UCS C240, S3260 or as a virtual appliance on any UCS hardware

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Unleash your network’s potential.

Record network packet at scale to improve performance in just clicks.

Capture network packet data at scale

Analyze and store packet data, generating telemetry for seamless integration with the LiveNX platform for stunning traffic visualizations and custom alerting of anomalous behavior.

Store network packets that matter most

Intelligent packet capture detects encrypted traffic and automatically slices off payloads to capture only the data you need, allowing you to retain the data that matters for longer.

Eliminate wasting time reproducing problems

Record and analyze your network packets. Intuitively obtain detailed information and actionable intelligence about network and application issues with a stunning user interface.

What you can do with LiveWire running on Cisco UCS

Network telemetry and packet capture

Generate telemetry for monitoring and capture packets from anywhere.

LiveWire is the only solution designed to collect and process the data that network engineers need – both network telemetry and network packets. LiveWire integrates with LiveNX to extend network monitoring and application troubleshooting to remote sites and branches, the WAN edge (including SD-WAN), data centers, and the cloud. When telemetry data is not enough to solve complex problems, easily transition from monitoring to packet-level forensics and back using LiveNX as your single pane of glass.

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Eliminate Blind Spots

Protect every physical and virtual inch of your network.

Network monitoring systems rely on telemetry from network infrastructure devices like switches and routers to provide dashboards and analysis. But telemetry is not available everywhere, creating blind spots, especially at remote sites, virtual environments, and in the cloud. LiveWire provides NetOps teams with the same in-depth level of analytics across these locations as they do for physical networks.

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Identify Application Issues

Quickly pinpoint performance issues.

By creating unmatched telemetry from packet data, LiveWire creates a level of intelligence not found in other NPM solutions. LiveNX leverages this rich packet-based telemetry to quickly identify and resolve application issues, such as VoIP and video performance problems, using hop-by-hop visualizations, often without the need for deeper analysis. And with LiveWire, the network packets are always available should deeper analysis be required.

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Forensic-Level Analysis

Go from network monitoring to packet-level forensic analysis.

With LiveWire, telemetry data generated directly from packets provides more detail than typical telemetry data from NetFlow or other flow-based standards, adding to the rich network monitoring data that already exists in LiveNX. LiveWire and LiveNX make it easy to transition from packets to network monitoring data and back to packets for detailed analysis when needed, all from a single network monitoring dashboard.

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Minimal Performance Impact

Fix traffic performance without leaving a trace.

By using a network tap or bridge to mirror traffic, LiveWire monitors packet data without impacting the performance of production network traffic, which can often be a problem with network infrastructure devices. LiveWire also optimizes packet storage with intelligent packet capture, automatically detecting encrypted traffic and retaining only packet headers when enabled. Why store data you can’t decrypt?

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Security Incident Response

Resolve security incidents with the help of rich packet data.

For security incident response, there’s nothing more valuable than the packets. LiveWire provides a recording of all activity – the network packets – to help determine both the fingerprint and the extent of a breach. A recording of the packets is unalterable proof of what happened on the network before, during, and after an intrusion is detected. In addition, LiveWire generates telemetry for LiveAction’s network detection and response solution, ThreatEye, which provides powerful, encrypted traffic analysis for network security professionals.

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Scalable Deployment

Tailor LiveWire to your unique network needs.

LiveWire offers both virtual and physical appliance configurations that allow you to deploy high-speed packet capture where it is needed most and with the right level of performance.

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Enterprise Grade Management

Manage and administer 100s or 1,000s of LiveWire appliances

LiveWire Grid is a SaaS solution that simplifies and scales the management and administration of LiveWire devices, no matter how many are deployed. LiveWire Grid offers streamlined installation and ongoing administration of LiveWire appliances for an exceptionally low total cost of ownership and delivers usability features like Single Sign On, cloud-based backup and restore, and template-based mass configuration pushes.

Manila Electric Company Chooses LiveAction for Fastest Root-Cause Analysis

“LiveAction excels at finding and determining the root cause of an issue/incident”

– Glen Diaceno Operations Manager

300% more data center and edge applications

IDC predicts that by 2023:


300 percent more applications will run in data center and edge locations – Are you ready?

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