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Contact LiveAction Support

  • Issue Priority
    Support Process
    Issue Examples
  • Priority 1
    (Critical: Impacting Operations)
    Technical Support Team (TST) responds within one business hour
    The customer’s network or environment is down or there is a critical impact to their business operations and the source of this outage is directly related to LiveAction software.
    • LiveNX: DB grows exponentially affecting another virtual machine due to thin provisioning.
    • LiveNX: Network devices down due to high CPU/memory utilization after provisioning NetFlow template using LiveNX application.
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/LiveNX Appliances: Production Hardware failures (Hard Drive)
  • Priority 2
    (Major: Functionality Severely Impaired)
    Technical Support Team (TST) responds within two business hours
    The LiveAction software running on the customer’s servers or client workstations has failed to function properly.
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/LiveNX: Server/Node Unusable (Service Status Down)
    • LiveNX: Node Unusable (Node Status Disconnected)
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/LiveNX: Client Unusable (HTML 5 client (Web UI) page unavailable) (Java Client hangs or throws unhandled exceptions error after login)
    • Omnipeek Client/Capture Engine: Unusable (Crash/failed to load/Capture Engine Service Down)
  • Priority 3
    (Normal-General Problem)
    Technical Support Team (TST) responds within four business hours
    Moderate loss of LiveAction Software application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions. Minor feature/product failure, convenient workaround exists.
    • LiveNX: Running LiveNX report slow or throw an error
    • LiveNX: Devices unavailable due to SNMP polling issues
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/LiveNX: Web UI page slow to navigate.
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/Capture Engine/Omnipeek Client: throws unhandled exception error when using certain feature but does not prevent the user from using the application.
    • LiveWire/LiveCapture/Capture Engine: Performance related issue (Packet Drops)
  • Priority 4
    (Low-Information Request)
    Technical Support Team (TST) responds within eight business hours
    The customer requires information or assistance with LiveAction product capabilities, installation, or configuration.
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Upgrades
    • Question regarding how to use the product