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About LiveAction

LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility for network security and performance from a single source of truth. This gives enterprises confidence that the network is securely meeting business objectives, provides full network visibility to better inform NetOps and SecOps as they drive critical decisions for performance and threat response, and reduces the overall cost of network and security operations.

Our Products

LiveAction is the only solution to provide end-to-end network visibility in a single pane of glass. Supporting the entire network including campus, branch, data center, public Cloud, WAN, and SD-WAN. LiveAction leverages the broadest array of telemetry including NetFlow, Packet, SNMP, API, and IPFIX.

While remaining vendor agnostic, our suite of technologies supports all key network vendors.


LiveAction allows companies to manage large and complex networks by unifying and simplifying the collection, correlation, and presentation of application and network data making it actionable for network management teams. The easy-to-use interface allows teams go from a global view and drill down to a location, a single hop, or even an individual packet.

LiveAction was originally founded to aid the US Department of Defense in the operation of its networks. To support their growing needs, we built LiveNX with an innovative visual display, real-time network traffic monitoring and deep control of routers and switches for unparalleled network administration.


Today, with LiveAction’s unified platform, enterprises are able to eliminate the cost and complexity of managing point solutions, reduce mean time to resolution, and save days documenting activity by leveraging automated reporting. Our customers can proactively plan for change in the network, whether a new SD-WAN deployment, critical business application, or migration to the public cloud.

Our Mission

Support both our enterprise and service provider customers by simplifying their network management experience by using our innovative software platforms.

Our Vision

To provide the industry’s first real single pane of glass solution. We have brought unmatched visibility and analytics from the core to the actual edge of the network across four data types: Flow, SNMP, Wireless and Packet Capture.

Our Technology

LiveAction’s patented network monitoring technologies allows you to see the network in real-time while providing you the machine-learning analytics to keep your business up to speed with ever-evolving demands of the network.

Meet the Team

Our executive team expertly drives our mission, empowering our customers and partners with groundbreaking technologies to manage and monitor a future-proof network.

Come Join Our Winning Team!

Have a passion for technology, are driven, creative, and like to have fun? Join LiveAction and help us grow the next generation of award-winning networking tools. Our staff enjoys great benefits and a high-quality work environment that encourages innovation.


Become a Partner

The LiveAction Partner Alliance Program drives strategic collaboration with first-class corporations looking to drive digital transformation, optimize the network, and bring a better digital user experience to customers.