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Get real-time visibility across your entire, complex network to proactively identify and quickly resolve network issues, anywhere they happen.

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Optimize the Performance of Your Entire Network

Only LiveAction delivers a network performance platform with the scale and power to optimize the entire network – from core to edge to cloud.

Unify Network Data

Unify Data Across All Domains

Unify flow, packet, and virtually any other data from SD-WAN, WiFi, data centers, remote sites, endpoints, and hybrid cloud.

Complete Network Visibility

Achieve End-to-End Visibility

Get full visibility into network applications across multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud networked environments.

Optimize Network Performance

Optimize Performance

Proactively identify, easily troubleshoot, and quickly resolve network and application performance issues regardless of where they occur.

Eliminate Network Performance Blind Spots

See the full picture to seamlessly move from situational insights to delivery of network-wide performance.

Realize Full Network Visibility

In a single pane-of-glass, get real-time situational insights to quickly identify and resolve network incidents.

Proactively Identify Network Issues

Prevent issues before they happen with proactive alerts, real-time detection, and guided investigations.

Proactively Identify Issues
Baseline Performance – Plan (Day 0)

Isolate Network Incidents Fast

Hunt network application issues with speed and accuracy, no matter where incidents happen – WiFi, SD-WAN, data centers, cloud, remote sites, and endpoints.

Optimize the Performance of Networked Applications

Bring flow, packet, WiFi and virtually any other data together in single platform makes it easy to pivot from topology view, to site view, to device view, and down to packet view to analyze protocols and isolate root cause.

Optimize Networked Applications Performance
Simplify Network Performance Dashboards

Simplify Network Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Go from days to clicks in creating network performance reports – capacity planning, operational, and executive dashboards.

Capture Packets Anywhere

Resolve networked-application performance issues with a full range of packet capture appliances designed for virtually any situation – NOCs, branches, data centers, LAN and WAN edge.

liveWire Core

Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

Great tool, easy to use, friendly interface and does the job

“This tool fills a gap in our network monitoring and analysis toolset. This gives us a capability to finally utilize some logs that were difficult to query and also allows us to validate QOS policies.”

— Executive Director of IT Operations, Education Industry


Excellent Product, very stable, could use some flow alerting improvements

“This product is simply amazing. I have researched for the past 2 years and have not found another product that performs the functionality that LiveAction provides. It handles everything extremely well, is very fast and capable.”

— Network Performance Engineer, Manufacturing Industry

Implementation and training were easy and the support is fantastic.

‘The LiveNX product has been easy to install and maintain and has provided valuable feedback and insight to our traffic engineering and overall quality of service. They provide the best support in the industry.”

— IT Director, Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Operations

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