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Network monitoring for service providers.

Unlock best-in-class service delivery and assurance with full visibility, monitoring, and reporting across multi-tenant networks, at scale!

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Aim higher than network efficiency.

LiveSP is a multi-tenant network performance monitoring platform created exclusively for service providers

LiveSP Helps Service Providers:

  • Build managed service fit per enterprise or group of enterprises
  • Automate provisioning workflows and collection at scale
  • Visualize and troubleshoot network and application SLAs
  • Plan, diagnose, optimize, and report on customer application performance

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World-class network performance monitoring for global service providers
and their customers.

Unify your network data for every customer

Collect, analyze, and report on diverse network telemetry datasets generated by network devices (CPEs, PEs, and SD-WAN controllers) or directly from packets, with the ability to scale from a few to hundreds of thousands of sites.

Optimize application performance and your end-user experience

Gain full visibility into your clients’ unique network infrastructure and create differentiation with value-added services.

Customize your visibility and assurance workflows

Build custom reports and dashboards or select from predefined templates to give the right information to each and every customer.

What you could do better with LiveSP.

Validate CoS Policies

Ensure network CoS consistency and map updates with ease.

Verify consistent CoS implementation across your network and identify which sites need to be updated with new CoS mappings.

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Optimize Applications

Optimize application behavior with visual analytics.

Zoom into your network performance to investigate real-time data, from network metrics to application discovery. Automatically identify anomalous or unusual traffic to protect business-critical applications from looming threats.

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Capacity Planning

Better prepare for capacity planning.

Better inform capacity planning by establishing a visualization scope, selecting a timeframe, and drilling into a client site for granular insights. Easily find the correlation between network load and the delay in a branch to quickly understand its impact and ensure a quality user experience.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Curate dashboards and reports according to customer needs.

Create custom reports and dashboards, or select from pre-defined templates, for every customer – from high-level overviews down to detailed reports. Share with your customers to help them better manage their network.

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Multi-View Network Monitoring

See your entire network at a glance.

Analyze end-user experiences through multiple visualization perspectives, including metrics across the entire network for an application or a specific traffic class.

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Flow-to-Packet Troubleshooting

Toggle between high-level data views to packet-level forensics.

Leverage LiveAction LiveWire high-speed packet capture software to go from flow-level visualizations to deep dive into flow analysis and packet-level forensics. Solve even the most complex or intermittent issues with historical packet data from LiveWire.

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SITA and LiveAction Partner to Ensure Complete Visibility Across Aviation Networks

“Partnering with LiveAction has helped us develop a world-class service management offering for software-defined networking (SDN), including the co-development of unique reporting features that bring real value to our customers. The out-of-the-box integration with existing SDN vendors has reduced time to market with a robust and comprehensive solution.”

– Martin Smillie VP of Communications and
Data Exchange at SITA

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