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Discover How LiveAction is Defining the Next Generation of Network Management and Security

LiveAction empowers companies to manage and secure large and complex networks by unifying and simplifying the collection, correlation, analysis, and presentation of application and network data and making it actionable for NetOps and SecOps teams. Our easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces allow teams go from a global view and drill down to a location, a single hop, or even an individual packet.

The LiveAction Network Intelligence Platform is comprised of three main focus areas:

  • LiveNX Network Observability: LiveNX delivers network-wide observability, advanced analytics, and comprehensive reporting so you can optimize network and application performance everywhere.
  • ThreatEye Network Detection and Response: See it all. Secure it all. The ThreatEye NDR platform sets a new standard in network security with next-gen data collection, advanced behavioral analysis, and machine learning.
  • LiveWire Network Forensics: Generate high-performance telemetry for network and application performance analysis and real-time packet analysis for detailed troubleshooting when existing data is not enough.

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