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Application Performance Optimization

Deliver a superior user experience with insights into the underlying network infrastructure, policies, and protocols that ensure the successful delivery of critical applications.

Broad Network Visibility

Get a true picture of application performance across multiple network segments, domains, and fabrics.

Real-Time Application Monitoring

See the real-time impact of network issues on application performance and delivery.

Accelerate Mean Time to Resolve

Reduce MTTR by effectively diagnosing and resolving application performance problems.

Provide a Better User Experience

Reduce lost productivity and revenue caused by network performance impacting applications and users.

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How it Works


Stay ahead of performance issues, before it impacts the user's digital experience. Utilize customizable dashboards & alerts to gain a real-time understanding of when and where application performance issues are occurring throughout your entire network infrastructure or content delivery network (CDN).

Application Performance Assessment

Performance issues can cause tremendous slowdowns in the day-to-day of any enterprise. Our application performance management (APM) tool can perform a thorough assessment to determine the nature & scope of application issues with a consolidated view of the site, device, interface, and attributes.

Network and Application Optimization

Allow the user to implement device configuration changes directly from a GUI interface. Real-time feedback on policy changes shows the immediate impact of remediation steps, while ongoing reporting provides a long-term view of application performance.


Delivers the Power and Scale your Network Needs

LiveNX Enables You With:

  • Unified Data on a Single Platform
  • Visual Analytics for Application Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Dashboards and Reporting


Gain Network Visibility and Troubleshooting to Remote Sites, WAN Edge, and Data Centers

LiveWire Helps You:

  • Eliminate blind spots in your virtual infrastructure
  • Quickly Identify Application Issues using Flow Data
  • Ensure Minimal Impact on Production Traffic Performance


Protocol Analysis Software

Get rapid-fire analytics and insights so you can make the best decisions, quickly, about your network speed, application performance, and security.

  • Real time insights and visualizations
  • Simplify troubleshooting through intuitive visualizations
  • Monitor distributed networks from any site

See It In Action

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to transition easily from alerts and dashboards into a consolidated view of application attributes across sites, devices and interfaces. From there, deeper analysis can be done by drilling down into packet-level data, or generating additional reports to perform multi-dimensional reporting.


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Experience how LiveNX network monitoring software makes it easy to troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues across all your network domains.

Talk to one of our experts and learn how LiveAction can help you optimize application performance.