Application Performance Optimization

Deliver a superior user experience with insights into the underlying network infrastructure, policies, and protocols that ensure the successful delivery of critical applications.

Grow your business

Complete Visibility

Get a true picture of application performance across multiple network segments, domains, and fabrics.

Real-Time Awareness

See in real-time the impact of network issues on application delivery.

Accurate Resolution

Diagnose and resolve application performance issues quickly and efficiently.

Better User Experience

Reduce lost productivity and revenue caused by network performance impacting applications and users.

Application Performance Liveaction

How It Works

Application Visibility

Monitor application performance and potential network issues with clear visibility, before it impacts user experience. Utilize Dashboards and Alerts to gain a real-time understanding of when and where application performance issues are occurring throughout your entire network infrastructure or content delivery network (CDN).

Application Performance Assessment

Performance issues within critical applications can cause tremendous slowdowns in the day-to-day of any enterprise. An application performance assessment can determine the nature and scope of application issues with a consolidated view of the site, device, interface, and application attributes. Pinpoint the root-cause of performance issues from a topology view down to the packet level.

Network Optimization

Application performance can make or break an enterprise. Future-proof your network with a simplified application performance tool that allows the user to implement device configuration changes directly from a GUI interface. Real-time feedback on policy changes shows the immediate impact of remediation steps, while ongoing reporting provides a long-term view of application performance.

Use Cases for Application Performance Optimization

At the enterprise level, millisecond delays in application responsiveness can make or break a company. Relying solely on app-centric approaches to managing performance is incomplete without insight into the underlying architecture and protocols that deliver the application.

LiveAction’s solutions bridge this gap in performance monitoring by providing visibility into the infrastructure and transport context from a variety of data sources. Policies, Packets, Flows, and DPI-enhanced telemetry improve the understanding of application performance beyond traditional latency, loss, and jitter metrics.

Application Performance Products:

Utilize QoS to Improve Application Performance

Proactively optimize the network for your business-critical applications. Manage Cisco QoS policies via GUI for individual interfaces, applications, and classes.

Identify and Resolve Issues for Latency-sensitive VoIP Applications

Voice and Video applications are especially sensitive to latency issues within the network. Understand, hop-by-hop how your applications are impacted by network infrastructure and routing.

See It In Action

Watch these videos to see how network operations teams improve their comprehension, resolution, and optimization of application performance with LiveAction.

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to transition easily from alerts and dashboards into a consolidated view of application attributes across sites, devices and interfaces. From there, deeper analysis can be done by drilling down into packet-level data, or generating additional reports to perform multi-dimensional reporting. Additionally, as a remediation step, QoS policies can be viewed, monitored and configured as needed.

Additional Solution Snapshots:

Application Performance Resources

Dive deeper into LiveAction’s solutions for optimizing business-critical application performance

Let’s Talk About Your Network

See how LiveNX delivers unmatched network visibility

During your demonstration session our team of network professionals will walkthrough the LiveAction solution, identify your most pressing network performance needs, and discuss how you can:

  • Accelerate your identification of network issues
  • Optimize the performance of business critical applications
  • Simplify performance dashboards and reporting for effective network management
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