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Harness the Intelligence of Your Network

Visit LiveAction booth #6261 at Cisco Live and learn how to solve the most complex problems of enterprise networks.

Cisco and LiveAction have over two decades of empowering networks globally with unmatched visibility and actionable insights. By simplifying data collection, correlation, and presentation, LiveAction empowers network professionals to identify and resolve issues across increasingly complex networks proactively. This helps achieve business objectives, equips IT administrators with comprehensive visibility for better decision-making, and reduces operational costs.

Enter to Win a Harley-Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle!

Stop by the LiveAction booth Monday – Wednesday to see the motorcycle in person and be entered into the raffle drawing!

Winner will be announced at 4pm on Wednesday, June 5th at the LiveAction booth!

3 ways to win:

  1. Get your badge scanned at the booth
  2. Take a picture with the motorcycle and post on LinkedIn with LiveAction tagged
  3. Complete brief survey:

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Book a Demo

LiveAction’s experts are available to show you our solutions in action. Schedule some time now for a demo or in-depth discussion to learn more about how LiveAction’s network intelligence solution complements Cisco SD-WAN, routing, switching, and firewall solutions to maximize network and application performance and accelerate troubleshooting.

LiveAction operationalizes Cisco Infrastructure better than anyone.

  • Decades of Cisco Ecosystem Synergy
  • Unified Data Integrations: Flow to Packet
    • Accelerated troubleshooting for ultimate efficiency and time savings
    • Eliminate network blindspots with network performance insights
  • Cisco Ecosystem Integration
    • Increased operational efficiency and maximize security investment
    • Complete full stack observability with Splunk, SNA, and ThousandEyes.
  • High-Density Packet Capture & Forensics on Cisco UCS Hardware
    • Store significant amounts of data using less space with advanced compression capabilities.
    • Superior performance and reliability for faster mean time to resolution for network and security incidents.

Book a Demo

World of Solutions Speaker Session:
Harness the Intelligence of Your Network

Tuesday, June 4th at 2pm PT
Speaker: John Smith, LiveAction Founder

In addressing today’s most complex challenges in enterprise networking, harnessing intelligence directly from the network becomes essential. Network data provides insight into the root cause of problems, ensuring network and application performance and minimizing security risks.

You’ll leave this session with ideas to help you effectively unlock the potential of network intelligence, with a focus on three key areas:​

  • Seamless Data Integration – Harnessing the vast amount of data and network telemetry – including flow and packets – and doing this at scale across physical, virtual, SD-WAN and digital experience monitoring solutions like ThousandEyes. ​
  • Advanced Analytics – By leveraging ML/AI, establish baselines to comprehend network patterns and behaviors thoroughly, facilitating the identification of anomalies for both performance and security objectives.​
  • Cisco Ecosystem Synergy – Taking these intelligent insights into the Cisco ecosystem, including Splunk and Secure Network Analytics.​

Join us as we cover how network intelligence stands at the forefront of achieving full-stack observability and unraveling the complexities faced by enterprise networks today.

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