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LiveNA DataSheet


LiveNA is an AIOps appliance that applies machine learning and heuristics to network datasets for advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics for deeper network understanding.

Its role in the LiveAction portfolio is to provide “expert in the box” insights. It accomplishes this by baselining and trending what is normal in a network, detecting anomalies, and correlating events for deeper network and application performance insights.

What’s New

  • Introduction of LiveNA
  • Application Utilization Baselining
  • Application Performance Baselining
  • Utilizing LiveNX’s Application Grouping
  • Summary Overview Page

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Application Utilization Baselining – LiveNA learns the utilization patterns of the top network applications, baselines them on a per device per direction bases, and detects anomalies when the utilization deviates from learned normal behavior.livena-datasheet-8-4
  • Application Performance Baselining – LiveNA learns the application performance of the top network applications, baselines them on a per device per direction bases, and detects anomalies when the performance deviates from learned normal behavior.
  • Anomaly Prioritization – Top Anomalies and Insights can be quickly understood in context per app, per site, and per device. This allows context relevant drill-down to anomaly details.livena-datasheet-8-4-1
  • Enterprise Scale – Ingestion and processing of massive enterprise data sets combined with AI driven analysis to provide anomaly detection at scale. This allows teams to be presented prioritized issues without searching through vast data sets.

Integrations and Component Architecture

LiveNA provides insights for devices that are already monitored via LiveNX. It is a physical appliance that sits in parallel to LiveNX Node collectors. It usually resides in the same data center as LiveNX Node(s). It is accessed and configured via the LiveNX Operations Dashboard (WebUI). All management communication is accomplished via REST API. Any SNMP, Alert, or other data is used by LiveNA is accessed from LiveNX’s datastores via REST API.

LiveNA also acts as a Flow collector. It does not request Flow data from LiveNX, but instead receives Flow directly from the monitored devices. It is recommended to use a UDP repeater such as the Samplicator that is included in LiveNX Nodes to efficiently and transparently deliver Flow the LiveNA Appliance.


Physical Appliance Specifications

  • LiveAction GPU based appliance
  • 384GB RAM
  • 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6230 2.1G
  • 24 TB SSD (RAID 10)
  • NVIDIA Tesla 32G GPU

Client Platform Specifications

  • Windows or macOS
  • 4 Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Web browser: IE11 and higher, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari


LiveNA is a Physical Appliance that integrates with LiveNX via Rest API. It is recommended that LiveNA reside in the same location(s) as the LiveNX Node Collectors.

Device Support

LiveNA provides Insights for devices that are already monitor by LiveNX. Please refer to the LiveNX specifications page at

LiveNA Data Sheet

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