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4 Benefits of Real-Time Network Traffic Monitoring

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to access an application and finding that it barely functions, or even worse, it’s completely inaccessible? Our lives have become increasingly digital and it takes only seconds to lose a prospective customer due to a poor digital experience. Performance issues like an outage or hardware failure can happen at any time and you need the right tools to fix it – and fast. This is why it’s critical to have real-time visibility into the network to address these performance issues and more.

Network Management teams are responsible for providing a network experience that satisfies the needs of the business. To prevent and resolve these challenges, they must be outfitted with modern solutions to these ever-evolving issues within the network.

What is Real-Time Network Traffic Monitoring Software?

Network Management teams routinely perform several activities to plan, deploy, upgrade, maintain, troubleshoot, and monitor the network. Each of these activities are extremely data-driven and are heavily dependent on the network team’s accurate understanding and interpretation of the data coming from applications, network devices and the traffic moving over their network.

Real-time network traffic monitoring tools constantly checks and provides knowledge to IT teams of everything that is happening in the network. In short, businesses can utilize real-time network monitoring to track performance, activity, security, and identify any potential issues that may arise in real-time.

Accelerated Network Troubleshooting

Server racks in server room

Time is money, plain and simple. If your NetOps team is stuck on an issue or bringing in costly resources to assist in troubleshooting your business will quickly burn through any cost-savings value that an NPM can provide. Being able to see in real-time, and hopefully be alerted, to traffic irregularities, configuration errors, or bottlenecks can give the upper hand when troubleshooting the network.

Whether running a routine scan or actively monitoring the network, an NPM should also provide live network maps that can quickly lead IT staff to the root-cause of an issue. Performing real-time analysis on the network can also increase MTTR as the NPM will have already examined the issue and can quickly provide additional insight to NetOps looking to solve the problem.

Stay Ahead of Outages

There are almost endless reasons why a network goes down, regardless of who or what may be at fault, an outage is an extremely costly event that will happen eventually to everyone. However, by actively monitoring network traffic and performance you can get ahead of these issues before they happen – or potentially remedy the damage.

Being able to see what’s happening live gives any NetOps team an advantage to effectively plan and identify any bottlenecks before an outage can hit the network.

Superior Alerting and Network Visibility

Globe with network technology

Your IT team needs to know about the problems as they happen, because presumably, they can’t keep their eyes on the entire network and the traffic that always flows through it at all times. An NPM solution that provides keen visibility but does a poor job alerting your team may not add much value to your team.

Many NPM tools can provide advanced alerting, including the ability to set times to scan the network. However, constant automated scanning of the network can quickly overwhelm a networking team with a flood of empty alerts, which can potentially drown out legitimate alerts that may go missed.

Improve Network Performance

Monitoring the network in real-time can reveal actionable insights about performance inefficiencies that can be easier addressed. Network performance, after all, can make or break any sized business. There are common key network performance metrics that you should be actively monitoring including:

  • Latency
  • Speed
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Uptime and Readiness

Real-time network monitoring allows you to gather data as it happens and easily check it against what has already been proven as “normal” or ideal network conditions.

Finding the Right Network Monitoring Tool

Simply put, it’s just a good business practice to have a network management tool with real-time visibility capabilities. If you find yourself not utilizing an NPM or if your team is employing too many tools to monitor the network – it may be time to look for a new solution.

It can be difficult to decide what you need given the overwhelming market of tools to monitor network performance. Wondering what other capabilities is a must-have to monitor the network? Check out this eBook on the questions you must ask before purchasing a new NPM solution