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Application performance monitoring (APM) is the practice of tracking key software application performance metrics using monitoring software and telemetry data. Practitioners use APM to ensure system availability, optimize service performance and response times, and improve user experiences.

However, monitoring the performance of applications, is fraught with challenges:

  • Complexity of modern applications that are distributed across various environments, like cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models.
  • Ensuring visibility into the performance of microservices and containerized applications.
  • Integrating with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for DevOps agility.
  • Correlating data across various sources to pinpoint performance issues

In the case of voice and video applications, legacy tools used to measure packet loss, latency, and jitter metrics reveal the symptoms of a problem but fail to identify the root cause. Network Operations teams must become detectives, manually correlating data points with network-layering monitoring tools.

LiveAction helps solve root cause by providing complete visibility into infrastructure and transport context from various data sources, including policies, packets, flows, and DPI-enhanced telemetry. With LiveAction, IT teams understand application performance on a deeper level that goes beyond traditional latency, loss, and jitter metrics, confidently monitoring and optimizing their networks without any guesswork.

A single pane of glass for application performance insights

The LiveAction network performance management platform delivers context and insights to optimize application performance and keep end users happy.

  • Performance Observability – Stay ahead of performance issues before they impact users. Customizable dashboards and alerts provide a real-time understanding of when and where application issues occur throughout the network, no matter where. Determine the nature and scope of application performance problems with a consolidated view of the site, device, interface, and attributes.
  • Performance Management – Proactively optimize the network for your business-critical applications. Deliver a superior user experience with insights into the underlying network architecture, policies, and protocols that ensure the successful delivery of critical applications.

Elevate Your Application Performance Monitoring Experience

LiveAction’s application performance monitoring solutions elevate your network from merely functional to exceptionally intelligent. Through comprehensive visibility across various data sources, LiveAction provides IT teams with the context needed to understand application performance deeply, going beyond conventional metrics. The platform’s real-time monitoring and insightful analytics enable proactive optimization, enhancing the user experience for business-critical applications. With LiveAction, companies break down data silos, optimize voice and video performance, and significantly reduce network latency, ensuring seamless operation and elevated productivity.

In contemporary on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments, application performance monitoring (APM) enhances observability well beyond mere uptime and metrics of service responsiveness. By leveraging automated and intelligent observability tools, businesses can fine-tune user experiences to meet the expansive demands.

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