Achieve Operational Excellence

Improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your Network team’s planning, deployment, upgrade, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks.

Grow your business

Manage for Complexity

Manage large and complex networks with a single, unified, presentation of actionable data.

Manage for Efficiency

Improve network operations efficiency by accelerating job and task performance.

Manage for Effectiveness

Improve network operations accuracy to understand and resolve the true root-cause of performance issues.

Meet Business Objectives

Deliver the network experience your organization needs in order to succeed.

Operational Excellence

How It Works

Consolidate Network Management Tools

Tool sprawl leads to wasted money and can contribute to a Network Manager’s loss of productivity. Continuously improve network operations and reduce the time and cost spent on training, deployment, and overall issue resolution by utilizing a single platform.

Single Source of Truth for the Entire Team

Driving operational excellence should never be a one-person job. Eliminate the finger-pointing amongst your Network Operations and IT teams, get them focused on delivering strategic services and solving issues instead of wasting the majority of their time on finding performance issues.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

How do enterprise systems achieve operational excellence? Monitoring and management of network data can be done with ease. Significantly reduce the time and cost of performing network management tasks while also improving your understanding of what is truly happening in the network.

Use Cases for Operational Excellence

Maintaining efficiency in IT operations is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. Gartner reports that 80 percent of total IT costs are incurred from ongoing operational costs. This can be caused by inefficiencies in performance management, single-use network management tools, and troubleshooting processes which cause extra or inaccurate work, and ultimately limits the Network Operations team’s ability to control costs. Process improvement does not need to be out of reach when trying to grow your business.

LiveAction’s solutions enhance the operational efficiency of the network team by consolidating the functions and domain scope of multiple specialized network performance tools. This creates a single source of information that provides comprehensive visibility into the network. Our multi-purpose solution allows teams to consolidate training, headcount, and processes around a single platform.

Network Operations Products:

Network Performance Management

Achieve network performance optimization across your entire network from SD-WAN to data centers, multi-cloud, and remote sites.

Network Performance Analytics

Utilize network insights to identify and resolve issues across your entire network – WAN, SD-WAN, Multi-Cloud, branch sites, data centers, and Wi-Fi.

Operational Excellence Resources

Dive deeper into LiveAction’s solutions for your IT organizations operations

Let’s Talk About Your Network

See how LiveNX delivers unmatched network visibility

During your demonstration session our team of network professionals will walkthrough the LiveAction solution, identify your most pressing network performance needs, and discuss how you can:

  • Accelerate your identification of network issues
  • Optimize the performance of business critical applications
  • Simplify performance dashboards and reporting for effective network management
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