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Network Performance and Monitoring Solutions

Application Performance Optimization

Network outages can cost enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour, quickly ruining the customer experience, and in turn, their trust in a company. Gain unmatched visibility into applications and network infrastructure to foresee these expensive issues.


Data-Driven Change Initiatives

Legacy platforms and tools can cause unneeded costs and time for already busy NetOps professionals. In order to successfully drive digital transformation, whether it’s migration to the Cloud or an SD-WAN deployment must be done with careful monitoring and baselining of the current network infrastructure.


Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The overwhelming amount of data consumption can create time-consuming bottlenecks. By utilizing advanced analytics and reporting features within our NPM, network operation teams are able to generate and share a complete and comprehensive view of their network performance.

Managing Network Readiness

As your enterprise grows and evolves, so must the network. Enable NetOps and IT professionals with an NPM that meets the demands of the enterprise with scalability and agility. With proper visibility and planning management teams gain clear insight into the priority list of updates and upgrades needed to be performed on the network.


Accelerated Network Troubleshooting

Tracking down the root cause of an issue within the network can be a laborious game of cat and mouse. Disparate tools and an unclear view of the network and applications can add fuel to a raging fire that may already be spiraling out of control. Reduce MTTR and simplify troubleshooting with an NPM that acts as single source of truth for IT staff.


Achieve Operational Excellence

Inefficiencies in network performance management and troubleshooting processes causes extra or inaccurate work. Streamline processes by consolidating unwieldy tools that create an additional strain on NetOps and IT staff. Empower the team with an NPM that encapsulates the necessary tools that are needed now and in the future.


Network Service Assurance for Service Providers

LiveSP is the leader in providing network visibility, monitoring, and reporting for distributors. Purpose-built for Global Service Providers (GSP) and Managed Service Providers (MSP), LiveSP is a multi-tenant network monitoring software platform that enables best-in-class service delivery and assurance for SPs’ customers.


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