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Gaining Deep Visibility Into The WAN Overlay

Operation teams need to detect and correlate application problems with the real-time events happening on, both, the WAN overlay and underlay networks.

They also need capability for retrospective visualization into such problems. SD-WAN introduces new requirements for such advanced monitoring capabilities.

LiveAction’s LiveNX™ is a robust visualization and analytics engine that integrates the network-generated metadata from Cisco SD-WAN technology to monitor application traffic on an end-to-end basis in real time.The retrospective visualization capability complements the intelligence provided by Viptela’s management solution and thus simplifies SD-WAN planning, monitoring and troubleshooting.

This webinar will cover the major integration capabilities between LiveAction’s LiveNX and Viptela’s SD-WAN and share existing best practices to effectively manage the entire lifecycle of an SD-WAN deployment. These include:

  • Planning: Selecting pilot sites when planning SD-WAN deployments, identifying unsanctioned applications and end users, and establishing network utilization baselines which are used for right-sizing
  • Deployment: Using LiveNX real-time visualization to verify Viptela SD-WAN policies and assure services are not impacted in the event of brownouts or abnormal events
  • Management: Monitoring bandwidth and visualizing path control so network administrators can ensure application performance and mitigate problems before they affect users. Reporting on business applications to manage and optimize voice and video communications