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Complex network environments require intelligent monitoring solutions. And with new mandates like Zero Trust and OMB M-21-31, it’s challenging to maintain compliance. LiveAction and Gigamon can help you meet these requirements, so your company stays secure in today’s fast-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Carahsoft invited LiveAction CTO and Founder, John Smith, and Gigamon Senior Sales Engineer, Matt Hollingsworth, for a joint webinar to discuss Zero Trust & OMB M-21-31 requirements.

Relying on Cloud telemetry and agents is not sufficient to meet the requirements for Zero Trust. Organizations are leveraging LiveAction and Gigamon to capture, store, and intelligently route high-fidelity packets or streams of network traffic. This joint solution provides effective visibility and smart analysis to optimize secure application delivery while maintaining packets for logging requirements.

  1. White House Executive Order and Memorandums on Zero Trust and OMB M-21-31
    • Definition of Zero Trust and its principles
    • How this is applied to federal agencies
  2. The value of network visibility to maintain compliance
    • LiveAction and Gigamon’s joint solution can simply satisfy compliance
    • Overview of LiveAction LiveNX, LiveWire, and ThreatEye solutions
    • Overview of Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline

Wherever you are on your implementation journey for these federal mandates, LiveAction has a solution that can help. To learn more, book a demo today!