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LiveAction Launches MSP Partner Program

MSPs that join the program can take advantage of LiveAction’s LiveNX network performance analytics platform that provides situational awareness, semantic-based analysis, and modeling for continuous network insights, troubleshooting, and service assurance.

Building on its existing reseller agreement, ePlus is the first MSP to join the program and is rolling out the LiveNX network management platform across four US-based operations centers. LiveNX is scalable to record over one million flows per second, per node, across a distributed deployment. This enables ePlus to offer advanced network management solutions to support a wide range of customers, from the very largest global enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses.

“We are globalizing and expanding LiveAction’s coverage in sales, marketing and technology. This partnership with ePlus enables more customers across the globe to access LiveNX’s powerful capabilities to visualize network performance in order to deliver exceptional end user experiences,” said Walter Scott, CEO, LiveAction.