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Monitor and Configure QoS Efficiently

liveaction-home-product-graphic-smallerIT teams need to proactively manage QoS to improve network and application performance end-to-end. This requires proactive monitoring of critical service quality to ensure problems are solved before they are reported by end users.

LiveAction enables IT teams to deliver the network experience their organization demands. With LiveAction, a graphical interface replaces command line with real-time graphs and an easy-to-understand policy viewer. Built-in best practice policy templates allow users to leverage the QoS wizard and templates to apply policies across multiple devices based on Cisco best practices or use the QoS GUI editor to build policies.

Detailed Reports
QoS policy reports provide greater detail of configuration settings, performance issues, drops and policy errors with 95th/99th percentile threshold.

Track QoS Performance on a Per-Class Basis
Monitoring and alerting of priority queue drops provides proactive notification of potential application quality issues.

Full Modular QoS Configuration
Support for WRED, CBWFQ and Priority Queue. Additionally, use hierarchical policy creation for advanced configurations.

DSCP Audit via NetFlow
Audit DSCP values to ensure the priority traffic is using the expected queues and lower priority data is treated properly.

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