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The first episode in our Summer Hackathon Series demonstrated the ease of VoIP troubleshooting, in our second installment we’ll showcase how network engineers can proactively fix VoIP and other application issues using QoS.

How often do you get alerts about poor application quality? Are you able to quickly find the root cause for complex voice, video, and application issues? Voice conferencing applications are highly sensitive to latency and packet loss causing poor user experience and lengthy troubleshooting sessions. Congestion from delays or drops in data can bring your business to a screeching halt. Deliver a superior user experience by setting up proper policies, tools, and configurations to save your network.

Join our LiveAction experts as they share QoS best practices and tips to deploy and maintain a QoS enabled network, with less time, money and stress.

Learn how to handle:

  • QoS monitoring
  • QoS marking
  • QoS queuing and shaping
  • DSCP audit reporting