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Our Expertise and Service Provider’s Partnerships

The LiveSP and LiveMSP solutions are massively used by the largest Global Service Providers, by T2-T3 Service Providers and by Managed Service Providers that desired to simplify/improve their existing reporting solution and upsell services to their customers. With more than 600,000+ devices monitored by the LiveAction solutions, we are proud of our expertise and Service Provider’s partnerships.

Monitor Customer WAN with the Powerful LiveSP Reporting Platform

Unify legacy WAN, LAN, DC and SD-WAN into a powerful reporting platform that simplifies the complexity of network technologies. The solution is completely automated and customized, which enables you to upsell services and help your teams to focus more on customer needs.

Improve Customer Experience with LiveMSP NPMD

Optimize communication with your enterprise customers with visualization features that range from high-level overviews to detailed topology on network performance. The Network and Application Performance Diagnostic features provide customers with full visibility into their networks and their applications. You can offer them the ability to customize their own reports and dashboards.

Scalable Multi-tenant Platform >>

In LiveSP, you can host up to 300,000 network devices into a single platform, 1000’s of customers and the unlimited number of applications. You can define resources per user and per tenant (reports, dashboards, alarms, custom applications, map, etc).

Both LiveSP and LiveMSP support multiple SD-WAN technologies into a single User Interface. Leverage existing legacy network devices into the same visualization platform. You can use multiple vendors and not worry about the multiplication for the monitoring platforms. One interface to rule them all.

<<  Multiple SD-WAN Vendors

Advanced Reporting Features >>

Optimize creation of SLA reports for enterprise customers and their different internal audiences with executive overviews and detailed visualization for technical experts.

Highly customizable solution designed to meet Network Service Provider efficiency and IT constraints. You can grow the platform horizontally or vertically, customized look and filed, rebrand the platform with your own logos, automate user authentication, industrialize customer reporting, split the services across geographical and security constraints, comply with GDPR rules.

<<  Easy Integration with Network Service Provider IT

From Flows to Packets >>

With the LiveMSP solution, provide the ability to your customer to leverage the entire LiveAction portfolio to dive from High-Level view, into troubleshooting views, and down to the packet level analysis.

Increase the relevance of WAN monitoring to deliver complete application management across LANs, external networks and applications

<<  Application Performance Management

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