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Network Service Assurance for Service Providers

Deliver value-added services such as network visibility and assurance to end-customers. Meet your customers’ needs and provide value-added services at a reduced cost

Comprehensive WAN visibility

Unify legacy WAN and SD-WAN into a powerful reporting platform that simplifies the complexity of WAN technologies.

Real-Time Awareness

See in real-time when and where network issues are occurring

Optimize creation of SLA reports

Provide service assurance visibility to enterprise customers and their different internal audiences with executive overviews and detailed visualization for technical experts.

Out-of-Policy Network Alerts

Different enterprise customers have different priorities when it comes to network alerts. Pick from available templates, configure alert priorities that match enterprises’ different business needs, or let them configure their own.

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How it Works

Real-time Network Troubleshooting

Finding the cause for business-critical application issues in real-time is a mandate for any enterprise. Customers can identify performance issues accurately and quickly; Service Providers can act immediately.

SLA Report

Our SLA Report Builder caters to individual customers’ needs by providing templates as well as providing highly customizable, application-aware reports that cater to customers’ needs.

SDWAN Topology Visualization

Protect enterprise customers’ investments in their existing WAN. Enable them to grow their network taking advantage of SD-WAN deployment. And manage it all from the same platform.


With LiveSP, Service Providers can address strategic enterprise customer pain points, by utilizing:

  • Application-Aware Network Management
  • Unmatched Reporting Features
  • Built for Scalability
  • Universal SD-WAN Management Platform

Network Service Assurance for Service Providers Use Cases

Service Providers want to create and deliver rich, customized network and application monitoring service offerings to their clients. Leveraging a scalable multi-tenant platform, Service Providers can deliver personalized assurance portals with dashboards and reporting workflows to their clients for network monitoring, application performance, and SDWAN analytics.

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