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Network Device Inventory

LiveAction Provides a Network Performance Dashboard for
Visibility Across Your Entire Network

Network Performance Dashboard for
Full Network Visibility

Dashboards Provides You with the Birdseye View for Quick Network Troubleshooting

Expedite network troubleshooting and improve optimization of multiple interrelated network technologies in a single pane-of-glass.


Network Performance Dashboard – Overview View

  • At-a-glance gain views across your entire network
  • Configurable widgets allow you to customize the views to show high-level performance status, top application, top voice/video, to name a few.
  • Performance dashboards allow for visualization of VPNs, tunnels and service provider transport for assurance of key performance indicators (KPIs)
Network Performance Dashboard – Geographic View

  • Geographic views provide for visualization of the network performance, such as your WAN, in geographic context
  • Quickly Identify site-to-site traffic “health” issues
  • Analyze utilization and bandwidth with precision
Network Performance Dashboard – Key Capabilities

  • Use drill-down capabilities to isolate issues quickly
  • Use historic view capabilities to analyze issues – Lookback into the last 15 minutes, hour, day, week, 30 days, etc.
  • Easily navigate to from overview or geographic view to specific site, device, or interface of interest
  • Layouts come pre-configured but can be easily customized based on uses cases and needs

Network Performance
Dashboard Top Features

Enterprise-Level Features for Complex Networks

Not all network monitoring dashboards were created equal. LiveAction’s patented visual analytics provide Network Operations with the features needed to see the entire network, proactively identify issues before they happen, and quickly fix networked application issues.

Core Network Dashboard Features

  • LiveAction dashboards are highly configurable to provide you with the views you need to identify issues across your entire network.
  • Customizable widgets can range from Top Application, Top Interface Utilization, Top Availability per Site/Device/Interface, Top Application Performance, Top Voice/ Video Performances and many, more.
  • Each user can have 12 Dashboard tabs with 9 widgets each. Dashboards can also be copied and shared amongst network operations users.

Site / Device / Interface Dashboard

  • Use network performance dashboards to quickly analyze and drill-down into the health and performance of the network.
  • Easily navigate to the dimension of interest, such as site, device, interface. These can be analyzed for the last 15min, hour, day, week, 30days and more.
  • Available data within dashboards include:
    • Top Applications
    • Top DSCP
    • Top Conversation
    • Interface Bandwidth
    • Interface Utilization
    • Interface Errors
    • QoS Drops

WAN / SD-WAN Dashboards

Analyze performance of you WAN or SD-WAN at a glance. These network performance dashboards include multiple perspectives to analyze, including:

  • Geo/Topology Map
  • Performance Summary
  • Top Conversation Report
  • Top DSCP Report
  • Jitter/ Loss Report
  • Application Performance Report

Site-to-Site Network Traffic Dashboards

Site-to-site network monitoring dashboards are ideal for identifying traffic paths and potential issues between sites.

  • Chord diagrams help analyze utilization/ bandwidth of network traffic between two sites.
  • Drill-down into specific chords to further understand flow data and bandwidth utilization with Sankey diagrams.

Try LiveAction’s Network
Performance Dashboards

See Your Entire Network to Proactively Identify
and Quickly Resolve Issues

Optimize your entire network by improving visibility and situational awareness of network performance by using quick and easy to assimilate network performance