Cisco SD WAN

Accelerate Cisco SD WAN with LiveNX for Unified SD WAN Visibility, Policy Verification, and Rich Troubleshooting

LiveAction’s Cisco SD WAN solutions allows network operations to manage Cisco SD-WAN solution architectures from a single interface. Unified network monitoring across Cisco SD-WAN, DNA Center, and Cisco devices assure your application performance.

Cisco SD-WAN Visibility and Insights

As more organizations look to Cisco for software-defined (SD) WAN for improved network performance and reduced communication costs across their remote offices and distributed branches, IT professionals need advanced performance and analytics capabilities to gain insights into performance, QoS policies, path routing, and traffic management complexities to ensure this key initiative is a success. LiveNX enterprise network monitoring software monitors performance of both the physical underlay and the virtual overlays is key to delivering end-to-end service quality. Manage your Cisco SD-WAN network and deliver optimal network performance with support for any Cisco physical and virtual SD WAN solution.

Cisco and LiveAction Partner to Deliver Cisco SD WAN

LiveAction is a Cisco Preferred Partner for Network Monitoring

LiveAction and Cisco are partnered to deliver full visibility and insights into Cisco SD-WAN and across your entire network. With LiveNX, you can optimize Cisco SD-WAN, other Cisco infrastructure, and even extend visibility into multi-vendor network environments. As announced, SD WAN is now supported in Cisco’s IOS XE software. This allows a large installed base of Cisco ISR, ASR and ENCS devices to deliver on the benefits of Cisco SD-WAN. LiveNX is the only NPMD platform to support your migration to the cEdge.

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Learn How to Successfully Deploy Cisco SD WAN with LiveNX

Plan, Deploy, and Optimize with LiveNX

These hands-on videos show you how to master the key challenges you will face as you roll out your Cisco SD-WAN solution in Day 0, 1 and 2 scenarios. Learn how to plan, deploy and operate your Cisco SD-WAN successfully in these hands-on videos.

Planning for
Deployment – Day 0

Policy Validation and
Intent – Day 1

Operations –
Day 2+

Lifecycle Best Practices for Cisco SD-WAN

  • Day 0 – PLAN: Select pilot sites when planning SD-WAN deployments, identify unsanctioned applications and end users, and establish network utilization baselines which are used for rightsizing.
  • Day 1 – VERIFY: Use LiveNX real-time visualization to verify Cisco SD-WAN policies and assure services are not impacted in the event of brownouts or abnormal events.
  • Day 2 – OPERATE: Monitor bandwidth and visualize path control so network administrators can manage performance and mitigate problems before they affect users. Use reporting on business applications to manage and optimize voice and video communications. Easily visualize issues and fix with the click of a mouse.

Cisco SD-WAN Videos

with John Smith

Cisco SD-WAN Overview with John Smith

John Smith discusses why companies using Cisco SD-WAN rely on LiveAction for world-class visual analytics to create situational awareness, explanatory analysis, exploratory analysis, and verify Cisco policies. LiveNX extends SD-WAN visibility beyond vManage fabric to the entire network.

Monitoring Demo

Cisco SD-WAN Monitoring Demo

David Izumo provides a demo on how to extend Cisco SD-WAN visibility. LiveAction, a preferred Cisco partner, provides deep integrations into vManage to provide intuitive visual analytics for unified monitoring and management of Cisco SD-WAN.

Visualizing Hybrid SD-WAN on Packet Pushers Podcast

John Smith dicusses on Packet Pushers Podcast how to simplify complex, hybrid SD-WANs with LiveNX. While LiveNX is partnered with Cisco for SD-WAN, LiveNX works with over 100+ vendors, to deliver a multi-vendor network monitoring solution.

Software-Defined WAN Visual Analytics

Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Visual Analytics

This video demonstrates how LiveNX provides intuitive insights into your SD WAN through visual analytics, reports, dashboards, and graphs.

QoS for Voice over Cisco SD-WAN

QoS for Voice over Cisco SD-WAN

Erik Strevel, a technical solutions architect at Cisco, discuss how Cisco and LiveAction help you deliver and maintain the quality users expect in their calls with Cisco SD WAN.

About Cisco SD-WAN and LiveAction

Cisco initial success in the WAN space was iWAN (Cisco Intelligent WAN). LiveAction is preferred partnered of Cisco, providing the leading network monitoring solution for Cisco iWAN. LiveAction, at the time, also had a technology partnership with Viptela for visual analytics and reporting into the vEdge routers and the Viptela solution. Then in August of 2017, Cisco announced the close of its acquisition of Viptela to launch its Cisco SD WAN solution, creating a natural fit for LiveAction. Today, LiveAction is deeply integrated in SD WAN, Cisco DNA Center and most Cisco routers, switches and firewalls, providing unified network monitoring across Cisco network environments. But the benefits of LiveNX do not stop with Cisco as LiveNX provides a network monitoring and management solution across multi-vendor network environments and has supported over 100 different vendors.

Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

cisco sd-wan

Great tool, easy to use, friendly interface and does the job

“This tool fills a gap in our network monitoring and analysis toolset. This gives us a capability to finally utilize some logs that were difficult to query and also allows us to validate QOS policies.”

visibility— Executive Director of IT Operations, Education Industry


cisco sd-wan

Excellent Product, very stable, could use some flow alerting improvements

“This product is simply amazing. I have researched for the past 2 years and have not found another product that performs the functionality that LiveAction provides. It handles everything extremely well, is very fast and capable.”

visibility— Network Performance Engineer, Manufacturing Industry

cisco sd wan

Implementation and training were easy and the support is fantastic.

‘The LiveNX product has been easy to install and maintain and has provided valuable feedback and insight to our traffic engineering and overall quality of service. They provide the best support in the industry.”

visibility— IT Director, Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Operations

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