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Change Initiatives

Data-driven change initiatives such as cloud migrations or SD-WAN deployments are often done as a replacement of existing infrastructure. Before implementing a significant change initiative, it’s important to identify key baseline performance metrics to understand if and how the new technology impacts overall network performance.

Complete Before, During, and After Visibility

Get a true picture of the impact of IT rollouts on your network with before, during and after performance metrics of all network elements involved. Ensure that phased rollouts don’t create negative impacts.

Real-Time Awareness of Implementation

See in real-time the impact of network issues. Time-based analysis of network performance state enables management teams to report on any deviations in performance that occur as a result of the implementation.

Accurate Mitigation

Diagnose and resolve network performance issues caused by new IT initiatives quickly and efficiently with a precise mental-model of the true root-cause of the issue.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Improve the implementation speed of your new initiative to recoup costs and deliver a faster ROI.

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How it Works


Before implementing a significant initiative, it’s important to identify key baseline performance metrics to understand if and how the new technology impacts the overall performance of the network.    

Deployment Audit and Validation

Ensure that at each step during a deployment that audited data is being captured regularly. During the roll-out, perform ongoing audits against the baseline and policy validations to ensure the network is successfully supporting the new initiative    


Once the new initiative is in place, continue to monitor the network performance and key metrics to ensure the ongoing operations of new IT or network elements continue to meet and achieve their SLAs.   


Ensure Success by Enabling Data-Driven Change Initiatives with LiveNX
  • Visualize, monitor, and analyze end-to-end networks
  • Support ongoing optimization and management of digital infrastructure
  • Collect, correlate and analyze a wide variety of network and infrastructure data


LiveNA delivers next-generation baselining and predictive insights for network performance and application monitoring
  • Baselining and trending what is normal in a network
  • Anomaly detection of application behavior per device and site
  • Predictive analytics for site and application issues


LiveWire high-performance packet capture software integrates seamlessly with LiveNX to:
  • Capture Packet Data from Virtually Anywhere
  • Achieve Visibility at Remote Sites and Data Centers
  • Optimize Application Performance

See It In Action

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to identify key pilot sites, baseline current network performance, monitor ongoing performance for any deviation caused by the new technology, and continue to perform continuous monitoring for ongoing operations post-rollout.


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