Change Initiatives

Ensure the success of major IT roll-outs with comprehensive analysis of before, during, and after status of the network.

Application Performance Optimization

Complete Before, During and After Visibility

Get a true picture of the impact of IT roll-outs on your overall network.

Real-Time Awareness of Implementation

See in real-time the impact of network issues on application delivery.

Accurate Mitigation

Diagnose and resolve performance issues caused by new IT elements quickly and efficiently.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Improve the implementation speed of your new initiative to recoup costs and deliver a faster ROI.

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How It Works

Performance Baselining

Before implementing a significant IT change, it’s important to identify key baseline performance metrics to understand if and how the new technology impacts the overall performance of the network.

Deployment Audit and Validation

During the roll-out, perform on-going deployment audits against the baseline and policy validation to ensure the network is successfully supporting the new initiative.

Ongoing Operations

Once the new initiative is in place, continue to monitor the network performance to ensure the ongoing operation of new IT or network elements continue to meet and achieve their SLAs.

Use Cases for Data-driven Change Initiatives

Change leaders need to ensure technology improvements are rolled out successfully and on-time in order to mitigate the risks to a successful execution of the broader strategy.

Infrastructure initiatives such as a migration to public cloud or SD-WAN are frequently done as a replacement of existing infrastructure. It is critical to monitor the before, during, and after performance metrics of all network elements involved. The goal is to ensure that these phased rollouts have not created unaccounted for negative impacts.

LiveAction’s solutions provide the time-based analysis of network performance to enable management teams to report on any deviations in performance that occur as a result of the rollout.

Change Initiative Products:

SD-WAN Deployments

SD-WAN initiatives promise significant savings and increased performance in comparison to traditional WAN technologies. The dynamic SD-WAN environment will presents new challenges for network performance management.

Cloud Migration

Moving network and application workloads to the cloud offer organizations to dynamically scale their infrastructure. The challenge for cloud environments is to achieve the same level of performance visibility from an on-premise environment.

See It In Action

Watch these videos to see how network operations teams follow a data-driven approach to their IT rollout with LiveAction.

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to identify key pilot sites, baseline current network performance, monitor ongoing performance for any deviation cause by the new technology, and continue to perform continuous monitoring for ongoing operations post-rollout.

Additional Solution Snapshots:

Strategic Change Initiative Resources

Dive deeper into LiveAction’s solutions for establishing a data-driven approach to the roll-out of new IT initiatives

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