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Cisco SD-Access Network Monitoring

Optimize Cisco SD-Access with World-Class Network Monitoring

See what you’ve been missing and get the most from your Cisco SD-Access investment

Optimize Performance from Your Cisco Firewalls and Infrastructure

Advanced Cisco SD-Access Network Monitoring and Integration

As a Cisco preferred partner, LiveNX is the only network monitoring platform to provide deep integrations, along with the power and scale, to optimize performance of you Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela). Gain rich insights into nearly all aspects of your SD-WAN to get the most from your investment.

LiveNX integrations with Cisco SD-Access to provide granular segmentation at a virtual network level (micro level) and scalable group technology level (macro level) and then cross-correlates this data through visual analytics for fast troubleshooting and SD-Access verification.

LiveNX for Cisco SD-Access Network Monitoring allows you to quickly resolve network issues:

  • Engineering Console – Provides network monitoring and visibility into edge nodes and intermediator nodes (e.g., Catalyst 9000) to understand how data plane is working and about the client conversions themselves.
  • Real-Time NetFlow View – Visibility into virtual networks and correlate this to end-users.
  • Operations Dashboard for SD-Access traffic assessment in a single view to drill into verification for SD-Access. This allows for historic playback and insights of end-users, client connectively, applications, and server resources.
  • DNA Center Cross-Launch – With LiveNX, you can cross-launch into DNA Center to see individual users and troubleshoot end-user network issues.

LiveNX uses Cisco SD-Access to gather telemetry data directly from Cisco network devices, such as the Catalyst 9000 switches, using flow and SNMP – including fabric telemetry via NetFlow for overlay and underlying end-to-end communications. Additionally, LiveNX and makes northbound API calls to DNA Center for inventory, sites, devices, and SD-Access semantics.

Start seeing what you’ve been missing. Start your 14-day LiveNX trial today.

For the first-time installations, please download our Quick Start Guide which will help you install and set-up your LiveNX software. In addition, it describes how to navigate the LiveNX user interface and configure the LiveNX system components.

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