Accelerated Network Troubleshooting

Accelerate the identification and resolution of the most difficult network performance issues.

LiveNX LiveAction products

Complete Visibility

Identify issues occurring across multi-vendor, multi-telemetry, and multi-domain environments.

Real-Time Awareness

See in real-time when and where network issues are occurring.

Accurate Resolution

Diagnose and resolve the underlying root-cause of issues quickly and efficiently.

Better User Experience

Reduce lost productivity and revenue caused by network performance impacting applications and users.

Accelerated Network Troubleshooting

How It Works

Dashboards and Alerts

Networks grow more complex each day, setting up alerts and simply treating the symptoms of poor network performance is too reactive. LiveAction’s comprehensive dashboards and alerts provide real-time awareness of network issues occurring throughout your entire network infrastructure.

Context and Correlation

Troubleshooting network issues may not be enough. Understanding demanding network workloads and performance issues within the context of sites, devices, interfaces, geographic regions, Service Providers, and other dimensions to understand the context and scope of the issue.

Root-cause Determination

Enable accelerated networking, reduce latency jitters, and reduce MTTR with our consolidated platform. Easily drill-down from alert and context data to Flow performance data, and further down to targeted packet-level analysis for a comprehensive trouble resolution workflow.

Use Cases for Accelerated Network Troubleshooting

Network administrators are tasked with troubleshooting issues within the network, However, identifying the root-cause of performance issues is easier said than done. With every minute of down-time impacting employee productivity, the clock is ticking during each stage of the troubleshooting process.

Greatly improving networking doesn’t need to be an insurmountable task. LiveAction’s solutions significantly improve troubleshooting MTTR for issues across network domains, segments, and geographies.

Network Troubleshooting Products:

Flow to Packet

Immediately drill-down from the alerting performance metrics into the relevant packet capture and packet-level analysis.

Packet Capture & Analysis

Perform deep, packet-level analysis of issues, especially in the cases of forensic and incident response analysis.

NetFlow Analysis

Utilize NetFlow to gain enterprise-wide performance visibility in a large-scale deployment.

See It In Action

Watch these videos to see how network operations teams accelerate their identification and resolution of the most difficult network performance issues. 

Using LiveNX, network teams are able to significantly improve their troubleshooting MTTR using real-time metrics, path routing views , or DVR-like playback ability to view historical activity. 

Additional Solution Snapshots:

Let’s Talk About Your Network

See how LiveNX delivers unmatched network visibility

During your demonstration session our team of network professionals will walkthrough the LiveAction solution, identify your most pressing network performance needs, and discuss how you can:

  • Accelerate your identification of network issues
  • Optimize the performance of business critical applications
  • Simplify performance dashboards and reporting for effective network management
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