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Behind LiveAction’s success is a team of passionate people pushing the boundaries of innovation in network monitoring and threat detection. Get to know some of our newest team members hired in January.

Stephen Pendleton

LiveAction New Employee Stephen Pendleton
Stephen Pendleton

Stephen has joined LiveAction as a technical lead. He uses tools like Visual Studio Code, VirtualBox, Linux, Slack, and Zoom to get the job done. If he could meet anyone living or dead he would want to meet the person who invented indoor plumbing.

A fun fact about Stephen is that he has met four presidents, Carter, Clinton, Obama, and Trump. Let’s see if he can keep the streak going. His superpower of choice would be teleportation. His favorite part of his work at LiveAction is the people.

I work on some very cool stuff.

Bruce Sussman

LiveAction new employee Bruce Sussman
Bruce Sussman

Bruce is the content marketing manager for our new cybersecurity platform, ThreatEye. He uses tools to increase organic traffic and leads from Google searches and to create content that supports sales efforts throughout the funnel.

If he could meet anyone living or dead, it would be Abraham Lincoln. “He became known for writing ‘hot letters’ – angry notes to people he was upset with. After his presidency, he had several of them were stamped but never sent. He would re-write and send the actual correspondence when he cooled down. Can you imagine having the patience and intelligence to do this when you’re in the middle of a war and facing the pressure of being the President? I’d love to hear his views and strategies!”

Something surprising about Bruce is that he actually enjoys running, despite the pained expression on his face. If Bruce could have any superpower he would love to fly. Bruce’s favorite thing about LiveAction is its unique market placement.  “In my previous roles working with cybersecurity leaders and their teams, it became clear that they are interested in, need, and are willing to pay for tools that solve challenges they face. But they want fewer tools that can do more. This includes solutions that can help IT & Security.” Enter LiveAction.

The direction LiveAction is heading in is exciting to me.

Julian Illescas

LiveAction New Employee Julian Illescas
Julian Illescas

Julian is a senior systems consulting engineer at LiveAction. He uses Office 360, Windows, and Secure CRT for his work. If he could meet anyone alive or dead it would be the spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama. “I would ask him to help me see life more clearly, the way he does.”

What you might not know about Julian is that he is also an award-winning portrait photographer. He is working towards speaking French fluently one day. Très bien! His superpower of choice is invincibility.  His favorite part about working at LiveAction is the people.

The folks here are genuinely professional and very helpful.

Annukka Piironen

LiveAction new hire annukka piironen
Annukka Piironen

Annukka is the VP of Customer Success. Her responsibilities include customer support, advanced services, training, customer success engineering, and account management. “My focus is on the customer experience and retention.” She uses excel and salesforce to get the job done but mostly relies on good old-fashioned listening. “Communication and listening are the keys to customer success. The customer journey is also a critical tool to align and enable a customer success organization.”

If Annukka could meet anyone alive or dead it would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka The Notorious RBG. “She was a brilliant legal scholar and an amazing pioneer role model for women. She persevered through challenges and adversities. I would love to ask her how she did it all.” It might surprise you to learn that Annukka came to the US from Finland by herself at the age of 17. She attended high school in New Mexico and never went back, “except for visits to family, of course.”

If she could have any superpower, it would be telepathic communication.  “It would be so helpful when communicating with customers, colleagues, friends, and family.” Her favorite thing about LiveAction is the people. “Everyone I’ve met so far is super-nice and collaborative.”

There is a wonderful sense that everyone is moving in the same direction, towards a common goal.

Allison Bondi

Allison joined LiveAction as the content marketing manager for the NPM side of the house. Tools she uses for the job include SEMRush, Answer the Public, Asana, and Grammarly. “My goal is to make useful  content that our audience wants to read.” If she could meet anyone alive or dead, she would spend more

LiveAction new hire Allison Bondi
Allison Bondi

time with her late grandfather. “There were things I wish I had asked him and said to him. I would want him to know how everything turned out and what he would think about it.”

Something surprising about Allison is that she loves collecting seeds from her travels and growing them. It may be snowing outside, but she has a small Joshua tree and a dwarf palm tree growing in her house. If she could have any superpower, she would be a healer, but keep it low-key. Allison’s favorite part about LiveAction is the culture. “Everyone is respected and given the autonomy to do their work. There is no micromanaging.”

It feels like more of a lateral hierarchy where every idea has value. I love that.

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