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How can networks be better protected against cyberattacks? The right Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution is essential to a successful cybersecurity strategy.

Learn more about evolving network security challenges and how NDR counters these threats.

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Network Detection & Response

79% of organizations are struggling to detect threats hidden within encrypted traffic

Traditional Security Approaches Are Failing

  • Cyberattacks Are On The Rise
    • 2021 saw 1.5X as many ransomware attacks as 2020
    • In the first half of 2022, there were 236.1 million ransomware attacks worldwide
  • Traditional Security Approaches Are Failing
    • Detecting a breach can take 287 days, increasing the risk of a successful attack
      • In 2022, dwell time between “stealth” intrusions and attack increased 36%, leaving a narrow window to detect and stop intrusions
        • Median intruder dwell
          • 2020: 11 days
          • 2021: 15 days
    • More than 80% of network traffic can no longer be inspected with legacy tools
    • Once inside the network, 72% attackers destroy logs, covering their tracks
    • Analysts must respond to a high volume of alerts without knowing which is the greatest threat
  • Dark Space Threatens Network Security
    • 70% of networks are dark space
      • Attackers bypass defenses and have free reign
    • Encrypted traffic provides the cover for almost half of today’s cyberattacks
      • Encrypted traffic is increasing
        • 2016: 53% of web traffic was encrypted
        • 2019: 87% of web traffic was encrypted
        • 2021: Up to 90% of web traffic was encrypted
    • 58% of IT professionals aren’t fully confident they have awareness of every device communication on their network
    • 59% of IT professionals aren’t fully confident in their ability to secure against encrypted traffic threats
      • Lack insights into threats that come from encrypted traffic
      • Lack tools to detect, intercept, and analyze threats

91.5% of malware arrives over encrypted connections

Security Challenges From Encrypted Traffic

  • Securing sensitive private data: 70%
    • 33% say private data is their biggest concern
  • Cost of security solutions: 59%
  • Need to integrate traffic analysis with other systems: 54%
  • Complexity of deployment: 53%
  • Potential for failing regulatory compliance: 53%
  • Latency: 51%
  • Added administrative burden: 44%

41% of enterprises feel they don’t a good understanding of how to detect and protect against attacks using encryption to bypass legacy security solutions

An NDR Platform Is Core To Your Security Strategy — Here’s Why

  • Network detection and response (NDR) detects suspicious network traffic so your team can respond to hidden threats
    • Encrypted traffic analysis detects malware on secured network sessions without decryption
  • NDR solutions and tools can
    • Detect anomalous network traffic that traditional tools miss
    • Alert security teams to traffic anomalies and suspicious activity
    • Monitor all traffic flows across the network, detection threats from sides
    • Provide real-time alerts to improve incident response times
    • Attribute a malicious behavior to a specific IP address
    • Perform forensic analyses to determine how threats progressed
    • Enhance manual incident response and threat hunting efforts
    • Streamline operations and save teams time through automation

You Need ThreatEye’s Next-Generation, AI-Powered NDR Platform

Advanced Behavioral Analysis: Builds a fingerprint of all assets and behavior patterns and monitors for anomalous usage

  • Predictive Threat Intelligence: Up-to-date feed with active threat indicators, campaign tracking, and IPs/domains of potential threat actors
  • Effective When Tradition Security Fails: When EDR, IDS, and/or MFA is bypassed, changes in network traffic can prevent attack escalation
  • Decreased Response Time: AI-powered NDR simplifies threat investigation by tracking the incident and providing actionable information needed to respond
  • Encryption Policy Compliance: Provides alerting and reporting for security compliance, based on your specific policies
  • Enriched Findings with Passive DNS: Collects and automatically correlates information multiple sources to aid investigation and response
  • 365 Day Retention: Enriched metadata is available for 1-year, supporting retrospective threat intelligence investigations and threat hunting initiatives
  • Asset Tracking & Scoring: Assets are categorized based on risk (policy violations) and threat (suspicious activity) to help evaluate potential compromise
  • Unified Sensor & Intelligent Packet Capture: Combines packet capture with deep packet dynamics (DBD) for deep forensics across your entire attack surface
  • Deployed in Minutes: SaaS platform with physical, virtual, and cloud sensors provides immediate access to rich metadata, findings, and forensic capabilities

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