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We had the opportunity to update the Tech Field Day Extra folks at Cisco Live with an overview of the LiveNX architecture, data collection and processing flows and the recent addition of Savvius to the LiveAction portfolio. Following that foundation David Izumo, Principal Engineer shares a demonstration of the key best practices for SD-WAN deployment leveraging LiveNX for design, verification, and operations.

Below are 3 videos from the event. Each is approximately 12 minutes long for easier consumption.

LiveAction Company and Product Overview

I have reviewed LiveNX, enterprise network management platform. This integrated with a variety of Cisco solutions like SD-WAN and DNA Center. I have also demonstrated a deep dive into how LiveNX can provide advanced visibility into the network fabric.

LiveNX-Cisco Vendor Integration Demo

SD-WAN Demo by David Izumo

He demonstrated LiveNX, overviewing the overall visibility topology the product provides. He then showed how this can be used in SD-WAN deployments.

LiveNX provides visual analytics as a solution for knowing and understanding the network through visualization of end-to-end network telemetry in context of intent, purpose-built for the operations, engineering and architecture teams. You will learn how LiveNX delivers policy verification at enterprise scale.

Please check out more demo videos from Cisco DNA center, Partner Village and our booth at Cisco Live US 2018. Also, you can request a demo here.

John K. Smith, Chief Technology Officer and Founder

June 21, 2018

Thank you very much LiveAction. I think that was a very good overview of some of the depth you can get out of SD-WAN. We always hear SD-WAN is simple, right? Sometimes, simply means that I don’t need to see everything that I want. We can see that with the right tools, you can see it exactly right. Let’s take a look at this beautiful Sankey diagram, ladies, and gentlemen. These are the kinds of things that we really come for; the data is great, but the diagram is – Magnifique!