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Behind LiveAction’s success is a team of passionate people pushing the boundaries of innovation in network monitoring and threat detection. Get to know some of our newest team members hired.

William Bellamy

Bellamy_William_2122_HS02-William-BellamyWilliam is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at LiveAction.

The tools he uses to get his job done include SFDC, Slack, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Drift, and Outreach. His favorite part of the job is his SDR teammates.

If he could meet anyone dead or alive it would be Jesus Christ himself, because “why not?”

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Something interesting about William is that his family owns a rice and crawfish farm in South Louisiana. His superpower of choice is teleportation.

Chris Bauer

Screen-Shot-2022-04-26-at-11 56 10-AM

Chris Bauer has joined LiveAction as our Regional Sales Manager for the Great Lakes Region. The #1 thing he uses to get the job done is this mantra: Listen first, speak second.

There’s a reason you have two ears, one mouth!

His favorite part of LiveAction is the people, and if he could meet up with anyone alive or dead, it would be Vince Lombardi. “His wisdom, leadership, and wins” put him over the top for Chris. Given his choice of superpowers, Chris would fly.

Chris Hubbart

dinoEscapeChris-Chris-Hubbart-1 Chris Hubbart is a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). I automate software tests and create tools to help make software testing easier or more effective. Chris writes Java, Python, and shell scripts. “I utilize frameworks like TestNG and Junit to organize and structure the tests. And I leverage Jenkins to automate running the tests.”

A fun fact about Chris involves a chance encounter with Muhammad Ali. “Muhammad Ali once performed multiple magic tricks for my family. We just happened to be in the same waiting area, and he kindly approached us to give our family a memory we’ll never forget.”

A video we found of Mohammad Ali doing magic tricks for some kids

Kelly Salamanca


Kelly Salamanca is a software support engineer at LiveAction. He works with Salesforce, NetSuite, Celigo, Confluence, and O365, to get his job done.

His favorite part of the job is the people.

When he’s not at work, Kelly goalies in Ice Hockey and also plays the drums. His superpower would be helping people, whether or not they deserve it.

If he could meet anyone dead or alive it would be Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee had a big influence on me when I was younger and trying to survive.

Hari Kosaraju


Hari Kosaraju is the Senior Director of Engineering for LiveAction’s NDR product, ThreatEye. The tools he uses for the job include AWS, Python, JIRA, Powerpoint, and Zoom.

If he could meet anyone living or dead it would be Elon Musk. “He’s a great builder.”

When Hari breaks away from work, he enjoys tasting new kinds of foods.

If Hari could have any superpower it would be telepathy! His favorite part about LiveAction is the people. “It’s a very cool culture.”

James Sean

me-James-SeanJames is an IT Specialist at LiveAction.  He uses MS Windows notepad and paint to get the job done. If he could meet anyone living or dead, James would meet Jim Henson, because he’s the master of puppets.

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Fun fact about James? He likes collecting things from nature.

His superpower pick would be reviewing movies. And his favorite part of the job? Learning about technology.

Tom Stratton

Picture-Tom-StrattonTom Stratton is LiveAction’s new Regional Sales Director. The tools he uses to do his job are Zoominfo, slack, LinkedIn premium, and LinkedIn Outreach.

A wild fact about Tom is that he once qualified for a mini-golf tour.

rainbow falls mini golf course

His favorite part of the job is the passion he sees from each person.

Steve Margulis


Steve is LiveAction’s Senior Customer Success Manager. He uses Salesforce, Outlook, and Slack to get the job done. His favorite part of LiveAction is the people.

A surprising fact about Steve is that he plays a bunch of musical instruments.

Dr -Seuss-Horton-Hears-a-Who
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His superpower of choice would be the power to eat without gaining weight.

If he could meet anyone in the world, living or dead, he would meet his grandfather.”I would love to meet my grandfather. He died before I was born and I know very little about him.”

Mary Gibbs

headshot-Mary-GibbsMary joins LiveAction as a Senior Data Scientist. She works in Python, ML Libraries, Docker, Git, etc. to get her job done.

She loves the people at LiveAction and before coming here used to dissect and image fruit fly brains to better understand neurodevelopment disorders. She would pick her own set of wings with her superpower of choice, flight. Her pick for meeting anyone alive or dead would be Marie Curie.

Marie Curie was a pioneer for women in science and her discoveries regarding radioactivity changed the world, especially in regards to medicine.

About LiveAction

LiveAction is brimming with the brightest and most creative people we can find in the NPM and TDR trouble space. If that sounds like you and you enjoy a digital-first environment with amazing benefits and balanced work culture, check out our careers page and our open positions.

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