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LiveAction forges the path ahead with another significant SD-WAN integration.

LiveAction is pleased to announce the release of the first phase of their Fortinet SD-WAN integration with the LiveAction platform. Users of Fortinet SD-WAN can now enjoy enhanced visibility into performance metrics that inform routing decisions, performance metrics around SLAs, and details by service provider.

New benefits include  enhanced site performance details, visibility into packet loss by service provider, and latency to application servers in data centers.

The Fortinet SD-WAN / LiveAction integration comes equipped with three new reports including per-site performance details, service provider performance details, and SLA performance details. These reports provide enhanced visibility into jitter, loss, and latency average and peak across the network.

Access the Fortinet dashboard through report functionality and experience deep application visibility (supporting up to a 9-byte IPFIX field). The integration provides full DPI-based application reporting and SNMP enhancements like serial numbers and device models.

LiveAction is a network monitoring and security platform that brings unified visibility into SD-WAN solutions for continuous monitoring and assessment of application performance, network policies, and traffic anomalies. We’re excited to bring you news of our constant journey forward as the broadest telemetry platform on the market.

To learn more about our Phase 1 integration with Fortinet SD-WAN or if you have questions about our Phase 2 action items, talk to a LiveAction expert today.