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LiveAction, a leader in network performance monitoring, is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship of The Wireshark Foundation. The non-profit foundation supports the development of Wireshark, a free open-source tool used by millions around the world.

LiveAction and Wireshark share a longstanding history of mutual passion for packet analysis. We are thrilled to announce our official collaboration as a platinum sponsor at SharkFest, solidifying our commitment to advancing network analysis and supporting the global network community.

As two industry leaders with a deep-rooted interest in network packet data, LiveAction and Wireshark have fostered a strong bond over the years. The LiveAction™ platform extends Wireshark’s capabilities by offering a high-performance packet capture and analysis solution. By combining the power of Wireshark with LiveAction’s LiveNX and LiveWire solutions, SecOps and NetOps teams can effectively capture and manage large volumes of packet data spanning weeks or months. They can swiftly pinpoint specific packets of interest for in-depth analysis in Wireshark, eliminating the challenges associated with reproducing issues and handling massive pcap files.

Gerald Combs, creator and lead developer of Wireshark, emphasized the partnership by saying, “We are so pleased that LiveAction is joining The Wireshark Foundation as a platinum member. LiveAction’s server products and solutions perfectly align with and enhance Wireshark’s capabilities. Partnerships like this will ensure Wireshark’s goal of continuing to be the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer.”

Our presence at SharkFest as a platinum sponsor marks an exciting chapter in our shared journey. Together, we look forward to furthering our mission of empowering network professionals, enhancing network performance, and ensuring the continued success of Wireshark as the world’s premier traffic protocol analyzer.