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If your network monitoring system doesn’t have proper alert capabilities, it won’t accurately address performance problems. In a previous blog post, we explained all there is to know about network alerts and how, when choosing a new or replacing an existing NPM solution, the alerting functionalities are not to be overlooked. An organization’s IT team will be living in the NPM platform day-to-day and should understand the differences in alerts, how they work, and what issues they can assist in catching.  It’s important to remember that without proper alerting, a team will be in the dark about impending issues and in the weeds of complex real-time and historical data. 

Alerts are based on rules such as availability, network latency, DNS latency, and response time threshold crossing alerts of tests. Just think, without alerts, the more time a performance issue has to impact your network. Alerts are essential for improving future network performance. An organization is dependent on being able to detect issues as they happen to then be able to strategize potential issues before they ever happen. Preventing network catastrophes is music to every IT team’s ears. 

Network Monitoring Alerts and Tools

NetOps professionals can achieve operational excellence by streamlining network alerting, escalation and notification, and root-cause analysis. A comprehensive alerting system is key to any NPM. An organization would be incredibly overwhelmed without customizable alerts. The types of alerts teams can set are:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Scheduled alerts
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Critical alerts

For example, let’s say there was a problem yesterday at around 2 PM – a user can set date and time parameters to go back in time and check out all the historical alerts to see exactly what was happening at that exact moment. A user can also filter by a specific status within this timeframe to see the critical alerts of all the details they need. Customizing the frequency of alerts and where you want them sent is key to keeping your team optimized and in the know while keeping a work-life balance.

To get started with learning LiveNX alerts, check out our video below:

LiveNX provides both real-time and historical KPIs on application usage, with alerts to notify you when application behavior falls outside set parameters. With the alerts option in the LiveNX dashboards, look back in time and real-time to check the status of your sites and devices. 

LiveNX provides criteria-specific alerts aggregated from multiple events, thereby displaying only alerts requiring immediate attention. Organizations can quickly resolve complex incidents that involve different systems, vendors, devices, and software with a rapid incident response workflow with alert notification and predictive insight. In addition, the LiveNX Insight module utilizes machine learning for proactive anomaly detection and path change notifications.

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