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With over 2,976,425 active podcasts out there, you can find anything from python programming and machine learning to physics and cyber security. But it can be harder to find podcasts that specifically speak to NetOps interests. We’ve fine-tuned the dial and selected five podcasts curated just for network engineers.

Don’t get me wrong, the developer, sysadmin, network architect, and average tech dilettante can benefit from these great listens, but this playlist is a love letter to the Network Engineers’ curiosities and worries because every blue moon, the people holding our universes together deserve something just for them.

Let’s Dive Into our Top 5

1 – Level Up Engineering

Level Up Engineering has guest CTOs and VPs of engineering and directors that tell you their secrets to success. From episodes on choosing the right tech stack to considering new agile management methods, what to make of the blockchain, and how to get better collaboration from 100% virtual teams, Level Up Engineering covers pain points for the modern IT executive trying to slay.

2 – Heavy Networking

Heavy Networking by PacketPushers – from the fanciful, like how space rockets use networks to communicate, to the more practical topics of building secure wireless networks or in-house drama between network architects and engineers, heavy networking covers topics of relevance and intrigue for today’s network engineer.

3 – The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast is a cloud computing-focused podcast that interviews leaders shaping the future of computing. Topics from Kubernetes to infrastructure as code, and what will happen if Twitter goes away; the Cloudcast covers wide-ranging news and philosophy, like why it’s ok to be boring and pragmatic (something we’ve all been waiting for someone to tell us XD ).

4 – The Art of Network Engineering

The Art of Network Engineering ranges from practical advice about salary negotiation and protecting your mental health to cathartic tales about accidental network outages. The art of network engineering is a great listen for anyone in the tech space working the daily grind to stay one step ahead of network outages and risks.

5 – Down to the Wire

Down to the Wire by the Network Collective – this UK-based podcast taps into network engineer schadenfreude with an episode on digital transformation horror stories and explores how to create a Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) and trends happening today in the network space. Plus, no one can deny the appeal of getting information delivered to you in a British accent.

That’s a Wrap

We hope you enjoyed this built-for-you podcast set. If you liked these gems, you’ll really enjoy our built-for-you NPM. LiveAction’s network and application monitoring platform keep the network engineer in mind from design to delivery.

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