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    Do you have end-to-end visibility into your business-critical applications?

    For large enterprises, millisecond delays in application responsiveness can make or break a company. Many app-centric approaches to managing performance do not offer a complete picture of application performance. LiveAction bridges this gap using the advanced analysis of packet, flow and DPI-enhanced metrics to improve the way NetOps teams comprehend, resolve and optimize application performance issues.

    Check out our audiobook, Application Performance Insight Requires Deep, End-to-End Network Insight, for an in-depth look at the current state of business-critical applications and how your NetOps team needs a network analytics platform that provides superior visibility, can assess performance, and facilitate optimization.

    • The Three Basic Functions Every NetOps Team Needs
    • Evolving the Network Toolset
    • Selecting the Right NetOps Solutions for Application Performance Optimization

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