LiveCapture Packet Capture and Analysis

High-Performance Packet Capture Software for Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Application Level Issues

Optimized for Omnipeek, LiveCapture high-performance packet capture appliances extend network monitoring and visibility for troubleshooting of application-level issues at remote sites and branches, WAN links, and data centers.

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Optimize the Performance of Your Remote Network

Quickly troubleshoot and resolve poor application performance at branch offices, WAN links, and data centers.

Packet Capture at Branch Offices, WAN Links, and Data Center

Capture Packets at Branch Offices, WAN Links, and Data Center

LiveCapture products allow you to capture packet data from branch offices, remote locations, WAN links, and data centers.

Network Monitoring

Seamlessly Analyze in Omnipeek

LiveCapture 1K and 3K seamlessly integrate with Omnipeek for best-in-class protocol analysis.

High-Performance Packet Capture

Optimize Application Performance

Easily and quickly capture packets to troubleshoot applications, such as VoIP and video, using deep forensic analysis.

Distributed Packet Capture for Fast Problem Isolation with Omnipeek

LiveCapture seamlessly integrates with Omnipeek for best-in-class packet analysis at branch offices, WAN links, and data centers.

LiveCapture 1K – PacketCapture for Branch Offices and SMB

LiveCapture 1K, LiveAction’s most affordable data capture appliance, is an ideal solution for packet monitoring, visualization, and analysis on less demanding 1G and 10G networks.

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LiveCapture paclet capture

LiveCapture 3K – PacketCapture for Data Centers, NOCs, and WAN Links

LiveCapture 3K features both powerful network recording for capturing terabytes of traffic and award-winning Capture Engine software for performing real-time analysis of live network traffic and forensic network data of recorded traffic. LiveCapture 3K is designed for capturing and analyzing traffic from more demanding networks up to 100G.

Streamline Troubleshooting with Omnipeek

Both LiveCapture 1K and 3K integrate seamlessly with Omnipeek for streamlined troubleshooting and root-cause analysis of application issues.

Streamline Troubleshooting
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Extend LiveCapture as a Wireless Analyzer

In addition to analyzing wired packet traffic, packet capture can be used as a WLAN analysis solution that enables you to monitor, analyze, store, and troubleshoot multi-gigabit speed wireless traffic.

Historic Lookback for Forensic Analysis

Packet capture allows for both real-time data investigation and historic playback for forensic analysis.

Omnipeek – Network Protocol Analyzer
Production Traffic Performance

Ensure Zero Impact on Production Traffic Performance

By using a network tap to mirror traffic, LiveCapture 1K and 3K products monitor packet data without impacting performance of production network traffic.

Multiple-User Investigations

By integrating seamlessly with Omnipeek for the Web, LiveCapture allows an unlimited number of users to conduct deep forensic investigation using our renowned Omnipeek protocol analysis software.

Capture Packet

LiveCapture Overview

Powerful, Scalable Packet Capture from Data Centers to Branch Offices.

  LiveCapture 1K

LiveCapture 1K top view

LiveCapture 3K
LiveCapture 3K
Use CasesBranch Offices. Small/Medium Businesses. Data Centers. NOCs. WAN Links.
Network1G and 10G Up to 100G
Forensic Capture (CTD)  Up to 4GbpsUp to 40Gbps*
Memory32GB 192GB 
Storage Capacity 16TB 64TB or 128TB
Device Dimensions/Weight 1U, 39 lb. 2U, 73 lb.
Includes Omnipeek for Windows Packet AnalysisYes (1 license)Yes (1 license)
Includes Omnipeek for Web Packet Analysis Yes (Unlimited Users) Yes (Unlimited Users)

*requires external storage

Reviewed by Network Professionals

Rating of 4.7 out of 5

5 stars

Boeing and LiveAction a 14 year partnership.

“Boeing/LiveAction (formerly Savvius) teaming has created a better product. LiveAction looks to our Boeing team for suggestions and needs for the near future and beyond.”QOS policies.”

network topology— Senior IT Technical Support, Manufacturing Industry


4 stars

Good product for network traffic analysis.

“Overall experience was satisfying. The process of doing POC was easy and simple. LiveAction (formerly Savvius) offered good support and their engineers are very knowledgeable of the product.”

packet data— Network Engineer, Services Industry

network visuaization

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