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Network Detection and Response

See attackers and stop attacks.

ThreatEye NV reduces risk, simplifies response, and restores power to defenders.

Detect Threats Others Can’t

Visibility into network traffic is declining, alert fatigue is causing employee burnout, and rising encryption makes traditional security tools obsolete.

“Organizations relying on such controls for their information security lose valuable insight and end up having blind spots in their managed infrastructure.” – EU Agency for Cybersecurity

Detect Threats

Traditional Security Approaches Are Failing

287 Days From Breach
287 days from breach to detection. This greatly increases the risk of a successful attack.
Encryption Blindness
Encryption Blindness: >80% of Network Traffic can no longer be inspected with legacy tools
Drowning in Alerts
Drowning in Alerts: Analysts are burning out as most alerts fail to provide meaningful context for response.

Network Detection and Response Addresses These Challenges

We must stop attacks in progress

The SUNBRUST attacks revealed hidden third-party risk. Plus, EDR and prevention will never block all threats. Organizations need an approach to stop attacks in progress, following a breach.

Network Detection and Response is the answer. It detects unusual behavior and incorporates Machine Learning to detect attacks in real time.

stop attacks in progress

NDR Is a Core Security Element for SOCs

The LiveAction ThreatEye NV Network Detection and Response platforms combine AI-backed machine learning (ML), advanced analytics, and baseline behavior analysis, to detect malicious behavior. This approach makes everything simpler for the SOC by automating detection, and risk-scoring threats. That way SecOps and NetOps can prioritize response. Beyond detection and response, robust NDR solutions support hunting and forensics.

SOC Visibility Triad

Why LiveAction NDR Is Unusually Powerful

Faster Detection, Reduced Burnout
The LiveAction NDR platform analyzes behavioral baselines and applies streaming machine learning (MLE) to uncover threats in real-time.

ThreatEye NV alerts network defenders to live attacks on the network so you stop ransomware, and other advanced threats, in progress. Your team wastes less time, scores more wins, and job satisfaction increases.

Faster Detection

Visibility Despite Encryption

ThreatEye NV is unique because it detects malware hidden within encrypted traffic.

This approach is called Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA), and it eliminates the need for packet inspection or the complex and costly decryption tools required
by other NDR platforms.

Visibility Despite Encryption

Validate End-to-End Compliance

ThreatEye NV provides encryption-policy specific alerting and reporting for security compliance. The increased adoption of encryption to secure applications calls for a greater need to ensure all platforms conform to the encryption standards of the enterprise.

Validate End-to-End Compliance

Boost Incident Response

ThreatEye NV correlates complex events to create risk-scored and MITRE ATT&CK labeled alerts. It also integrates with existing security tools like SIEMs, SOAR, and Threat Intelligence.

Workflow automation with leading products means teams can take immediate action on security threats.

Boost Incident Response

Secure All Traffic, Everywhere

Utilizing a sensor-based SaaS approach, ThreatEye NV is deployed either on premises, in a private or public cloud, or a mixture of these.

The platform provides entire network security and visibility: from core, to edge, to cloud.

Secure All Traffic

No Other NDR Platform is like ThreatEye NV.

Decrease time to detection while enabling accelerated response with integrated high-performance packet capture. Automated event correlation, asset reputation with risk/threat scoring to signal priority events, and analyst workflows, lighten the load for SecOps.

LiveAction provides end-to-end visibility for network security and performance.

Level set your digital transformation with LiveAction’s automated baselining & capacity planning capabilities.