ThreatEye vs. Darktrace

Stop data breaches faster with ThreatEye network detection and response security features. From DDoS, ransomware and phishing detection to encryption threat analysis, ThreatEye can protect organizations against attacks wherever they happen.


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ThreatEye’s modern threat response considers today’s threatscape and tomorrow’s attack potential with predictive threat detection, event correlation, and the ability to detect hackers using fileless malware or hiding within encrypted traffic.

Features ThreatEye Darktrace
Data / Data Sources ThreatEye collects & analyzes a broader number of categories of data for more accurate threat detection, including deep data packets, metadata & metadata enrichment, flow data, network traffic, and user behavior. Analyzes data packets, log data, device Metadata (no metadata enrichment), domains – Lacks decryption capabilities, full protocol analysis, and stream reassembly; No metadata enrichment.
Streaming Machine Learning ThreatEye leverages streaming Machine learning that ingests high-fidelity metadata using analyzers to analyze over 100 threat detection use cases. Does not support streaming analysis.
Deep Packet Dynamics (DPD) DPD technology analyzes high-fidelity flow records, analyzing more than 150 packet traits and behaviors to accelerate real-time threat detection & eliminates encryption blindness. Does not support DPD or related DPI.
Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) Monitors network packet metadata to detect malicious traffic hidden within encrypted traffic. Does not support ETA / encrypted traffic analysis.
Workflow and Collaboration Workflow to support triage and response and collaboration on packet analysis. Does not support MITRE ATT&CK event visualization.
Compliance Management Validates End-to-End Encryption Compliance to provide encryption-policy specific alerting and reporting for security compliance. Does not support encryption compliance, alerting or related reporting.
Native NPM Integration Integration with LiveAction’s NPM platform for completed network management. Offers a handful of integrations including SolarWinds but is limited in its ability to work natively with NPM.

Why ThreatEye offers more value

Connects with tools in your stack. ThreatEye interconnects with existing security tools such as SIEMs. SOARs and Threat Intel solutions seamlessly. See our broad list of integrations here.

Full-featured tool for next-generation security, compliance, and protection against intrusion, data loss, and phishing attacks.

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