About LiveAction

LiveAction develops IT visibility, analytics and diagnostic solutions designed to simplify network management.  Our two different platforms, LiveNX (the Network Experience) and LiveSP (the Service Provider Experience) were each built by teams of subject matter experts to focus on delivering key functionality to our users.

Initially developed to aid the US Department of Defense in the operation of its networks, LiveNX is built around an innovative visual display, real-time big data analytics and deep control of routers and switches for unparalleled network administration. LiveNX accelerates troubleshooting with its QoS control, application-aware and WAN functionality, developed through engineering partnerships with Cisco Systems and broadened to support 107 different network technology vendors.

LiveSP was initially developed by LivingObjects, a French software development firm, which was a spin-off of a global telecommunications provider. In this platform, the focus is on multi-tenancy, fast reporting and customizable dashboards. This technology is highly scalable with over 100,000 CPE under management.

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Underpinning our platforms are network data sources like SNMP, NetFlow, IPFIX, API. In addition, we are expanding network visibility and control with our own technologies brings data from containers, and VMs, LiveNCA which provides configuration back-up, change management and our newly acquired packet level diagnostics. To read more about our acquisition of Savvius, please check out the press release.

Our Mission

Help both our large enterprise and service provider customers simplify their network management experience by using our intuitive and ever-evolving software platforms.

Our Vision

Our vision is for LiveAction to deliver kickass solutions to simplify the network while providing our team members an awesome personal and professional life.

Our Values

  1.  Create remarkable experiences for our customers, partners and teams
  2.  Drive kickass innovation and change
  3.  Engage in open, honest communication
  4.  Be empowered, accountable and respectful

Our Products

We offer two network management platforms, LiveNX and LiveSP, both focusing on network performance monitoring; each built with a specific persona in mind. Check out the video.

LiveNX is an enterprise-grade network management solution to help network teams monitor, manage and diagnose issues on their networks in real time. The core of the LiveNX technology is a concept of situation awareness, which means we make it easy for our users to understand what’s happening in their network, using easy-to-understand visual diagrams and maps. We ingest different kinds of network data to monitor, analyze and configure technologies like QoS, NetFlow, LAN, WAN, Routing, and IP SLA.

LiveSP is designed for the service provider who provides services to enterprise customers. Our technology here is purely monitoring and is designed to report on tens of thousands of CPE. LiveSP is designed to be white-labeled and has a highly-customizable dashboard with super fast reporting so the SP can easily pinpoint trouble spots and send reports via email to their customers instantly.

We’d love to demo LiveNX and LiveSP for you. Please visit our demo page.

Our Technology

LiveAction’s technologies allow you to monitor your network today while providing you the machine-time analytics to keep your business up to speed with the networks of tomorrow.


LiveAction’s corporate office in Palo Alto, California is home for our Executive, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Sales and Engineering functions. Our European headquarters is in Toulouse, France.  We have additional engineering and support teams in Romania, India, Hawaii and Walnut Creek, CA and additional sales and marketing functions in Tampa, Florida with sales offices across the USA, Europe and Asia.


LiveAction’s principal investor is Insight Venture Partners a $23 Billion Private Equity firm focusing on Infrastructure Software and also includes participation by Enerdigm Ventures, Sway Ventures and Cisco Investments.

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