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From video calls and conferences to modern communication platforms, VoIP enables workers from around the world to collaborate with ease. Over the past year, the surge of remote workers has forced enterprises to quickly pivot to facilitate teamwork – no matter where they may be working. However, these business-critical applications are highly sensitive to latency, jitters, and packet loss. An optimized VoIP and Video network can be easily achieved – so you don’t have to keep asking your client “can you hear me now”.

Join us for a 20-minute session, where a LiveAction expert will share some life-changing tips to ensure your network is ready to support critical VoIP and video apps, so you can spend more time enjoying your summer.

Learn how you can:

  • Identify VoIP and video traffic on the network, filter and display traffic by application type
  • Prioritize by auditing DSCP values assigned to the real-time application traffic as it traverses the network, drill down to pinpoint changes leveraging flow path analysis to reveal the problem device
  • Optimize alerting by easily clicking into alerts and report on VoIP issues and drilldown to the path analysis
  • Leverage the LiveAction platform to manage VoIP with reporting and dashboarding and easily get to the packets for deep analysis