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Digital services live and die based on the corporate network’s ability to support them. Network architects and engineers must be able to validate that the network is ready for any new technology initiative. To assure network readiness, the network team will need end-to-end visibility.

If the network is not properly maintained the agility of the business could be impacted. By continuously monitoring the network for performance degradation, necessary upgrades, and projected capacity requirements, network management teams are able to ensure the network will support the future needs of the business.

Join LiveAction for our webinar, Best Practices for an Optimized Network, that will uncover how to:

  • Validate network readiness for new solutions by reviewing existing conditions, projecting new requirements, and then validating that the network remains in compliance with requirements after rollout.
  • Configure the NPM solution so that network engineers can review inventories every day to make sure the network is ready to serve the business.
  • Assure workflows are in place so engineers can quickly resolve any issues.
  • Leverage geographic and logical maps to understand how physical and logical components fit together to quickly see dependencies and manage events.

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