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 NEOX is a LiveAction Channel Partner and European-based network monitoring and security company. They focuse on maximizing performance and security for enterprises through network visibility. Timur Özcan, founder and CEO, works towards total network visibility for his clients through various monitoring and packet capture solutions. We discuss the importance of network visibility today and where he sees the future of networks.  

“NEOX specialize in helping customers identify performance issues and performance degradations in their networks by bringing visibility tools into their network traffic. We consider their priorities and unique needs to help them select a monitoring solution that’s the best fit. It’s an approach that’s less about particular vendors or brands but is more solution driven. It’s important for us that customers who hand over their challenges to us get the results they need.”  

“Our solution support ranges from full-on training and implementation to a much more independent, knowledgeable customer who is self-sufficient.  Some customers are very familiar with that NetFlow and packet technology. Some of them are coming from using SNMP tools some of them are using network locks to monitor network traffic or active agents, which they deploy on server systems, and hosts for collecting from routers and active devices. There are many technical directions the customer could be coming to us from.” 

The NEOX Approach 

“We look for answers to questions like, ‘what are you using today, and what technologies are you familiar with? Do you know about NetFlow and IPFIX fields and their parameters? Do you know the metrics you can get from an application performance monitoring tool and are these important to you?’ These are all things we uncover in long conversations during presales meetings with our customers. To determine if there are areas where they need additional education and lack knowledge.”  

Helping people with network visibility is more than a sales approach or a business decision.  

“It involves education and creating a strategy with your clients. We invest time and resources into this process. When we align people to projects, it involves market research and organizational discovery to understand the best-suited solutions for each client. It’s very consultative.”  

Success Over Time

“What our business model is not is a quick sale. Sometimes, we don’t even initially win. One company we proposed a capture appliance to was looking around to buy a complete solution. We ran a POC and showed him the performance of our solution and how accurate and fast it was at finding the root-cause needle in the haystack.  

Unfortunately, we were a little more expensive than another product he was looking at. He decided to go with a cheaper product from Japan. But six months later, he came back to us unsatisfied with his purchase and switched to our proposed solution.” 

Supply Chain Delays and Hardware shortages 

“With something as important as network success, customers don’t like being rushed into a decision, but with hardware shortages globally, decision-making time can be a rare commodity. The lead time on hardware is getting very critical, but with LiveAction cloud-based solutions, we can succeed with shorter lead times.”  

“If you want to invest in a project this year, you must have the spending in the bookings in this financial or fiscal year. To issue an invoice, the product or appliance must first be delivered. If you deliver next year, the budget this year does not apply. You must invest in the project and have the invoice issued within that period. So, as a result, we see providers racing to deliver hardware before deadlines and customers getting pressured into faster sales cycles than they are comfortable with. The lead time is not improving.”

“LiveNX and LiveWire are available as virtual appliances, so we focus on the licenses, resources in the cloud, and virtual infrastructure and can propose solutions that aren’t caught in the hardware race. Although we can offer hardware, the flexibility of virtualized or cloud solutions removes the pressure from hitting deadlines in an unpredictable supply chain that, if missed, can jeopardize the available budget for these projects.” 

The Future of Network   

“The network is an essential communication infrastructure, and network monitoring is key in its management. The modern network connects information and people with each other in countless ways. Networks are not just in computers and smartphones; IoT devices and taps are becoming ubiquitous in every industry. We see it with manufacturing robots, specialized gloves, and goggles that allow doctors to perform surgeries across low latency networks in physically different countries, to airplanes and submarines in defense.”   

“Because Ethernet is a medium that is easy to deploy and stable and reliable, it is trusted as the infrastructure for enterprise for government agencies, for defense for any type of financial services or cloud services.”

In the past, only enterprises and government organizations prioritized network visibility, but today people coming to us can be from anywhere. 

“It’s no longer just a few verticals that need this. If you talk about smart grids, an actual use case is delivering taps into cars. Cars can have many Ethernet switches, and all of them have a shared medium in the car’s sensors connected through Ethernet to each other. Today, Mercedes has physical tap devices that tap the natural traffic in the car. In the future, the low latency required for cars will become more critical for them to communicate with each other and the infrastructure they drive over. Vehicles can warn passengers and intelligently bypass the congestion and reroute their path if there is a traffic jam.” 

“It is my opinion that cities and city planning itself is the next horizon of increased intelligence. The traffic control systems and the traffic lights will need to be improved as well, and it can be done with the help of the network. The network still has many areas to expand in the future. Data is the modern world. Visibility into data insights will be increasingly relied on as networks of the future become more saturated and digitalized. “ 

Visibility and Network Security 

“Adequate visibility can reveal what happened in the last week, month or year. It can examine bandwidth consumption per application and by each remote user accessing a network through a VPN.” 

“Monitoring is a critical part of identifying security vulnerabilities. Without network monitoring and adequate visibility, the activity you can track and the assets you can secure are limited.  We provide the tools to identify and track unusual network activity.  You need to know if there is a new computer on the network or if the bandwidth consumption of an application doesn’t fit existing traffic models for baseline behavior.” 

“A combination of performance monitoring and security analytics is becoming a very powerful duo in this space. LiveAction is transitioning to serve into the security segment with ThreatEye. This is smart because you need monitoring that effectively addresses security.”    

Why Visibility is Critical for Modern Networks

“We have seen an influx of customers looking for cloud solutions, but with cloud, like with any infrastructure, you can have the best cloud set up, but if it’s not accessible and visible, you cannot maximize its performance effectively troubleshoot. You need to be able to see connections from the Internet, the cloud, the data center, and their flows to each other to manage your network.  “ 

“For businesses like travel companies, airlines, or cruise lines, cloud visibility is critical. If there is a network event, they cannot sell their tickets. For online shops like Amazon or eBay, a network delay risks customer disengagement. In addition to outages, network degradation can cause serious financial impact. Slow network load times cause people to leave websites or visit a competitor’s page instead. Availability is everything in modern networks.”  

The Future of NEOX 

“Data passing across the internet is growing daily because mankind relies on networks for communication. It’s something that cannot be slowed or reversed.  Because of this, networks are increasingly crucial for all of humanity, and visibility into these networks is the foundation for everything.” 

“This puts NEOX in a pretty cool position to evolve alongside the global network. We serve directly into this and make network traffic visible and secure. We can also give customers an understanding of how their own network evolves over time with our tools. “ 

“From trend analysis to capacity planning, to network diagnosis, we can do it. LiveAction tools are one of our primary products to resolve network visibility concerns. We can offer a total visibility solution using LiveWire capture probes and appliances, in combination with the IPFIX enriched packet data, which can be fed into LiveNX’s flow collector and correlated with NetFlow for complete visibility. We like that it is accessible and user-friendly. Our customers can read out statistics, create reports, or set up management dashboards to access the data. We look forward to seeing more advancements from LiveAction especially when it comes to the growing interest in displacing firmware with the cloud. “