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SecOps teams are on the hunt. Not just for cyber threats, but for proven solutions that can help them minimize downtime, protect sensitive data, and strengthen their security posture.

For many cybersecurity and IT professionals, the search has led them to LiveWire for Security, a versatile high performance packet capture and analysis solution that adapts to fit networks ranging from small-scale operations to large, complex networks encompassing data centers, SD-WAN, and cloud operations. LiveWire for Security is used by SecOps teams to investigate security events and perform proactive threat hunt hunting exercises, ensuring that organizations can maintain robust network security, regardless of the scale or complexity of their infrastructure.

LiveWire for Security offers a host of unique features to secure enterprise networks including:

  • Scalability for any network and support for on-premises, SD-WAN, cloud, and hybrid
  • Intelligent packet capture for network security forensics and compliance
  • An intuitive, user-friendly Web UI
  • Out-of-the-box features and workflows to accelerate insights
  • Powerful integration with other security solutions

These capabilities and more empower security teams to effectively analyze and safeguard their networks by investigating security events and proactive threat hunting. Just as LiveWire is helping NetOps teams to reimagine network visibility and network forensics,  LiveWire for Security is transforming network security forensics and incident response.

Effective for the Largest, Most Complex Networks

LiveWire for Security caters to a wide range of network environments. Its scalable architecture allows it to seamlessly integrate with networks of all sizes, including large enterprise networks with robust data centers, SD-WAN connectivity, and cloud-based operations. This flexibility ensures that organizations can deploy LiveWire for Security in a manner that best suits their unique network requirements, providing comprehensive visibility and security forensics capabilities across diverse environments.

Intelligent Capture for Enhanced Security Forensics and Compliance

A critical aspect of effective security forensics is the ability to retain packets for extended periods. LiveWire for Security’s Intelligent Capture feature dynamically slices encrypted payloads, enabling the storage of more packets for longer durations. This innovative approach allows security teams to conduct thorough forensic investigations, even when dealing with encrypted traffic, enhancing the overall security posture of the organization. And because packet history is saved, LiveWire for Security provides a repository for compliance and regulatory requirements.

User-friendly Web UI for Fast and Efficient Packet Analysis

LiveWire for Security’s easy-to-use Web UI makes it simple for your team to quickly find and analyze packets. The intuitive interface allows users to navigate through packet data efficiently, reducing the time and effort required to conduct network investigations. By making packet analysis more accessible to a broader range of team members, LiveWire for Security enables organizations to respond to security incidents more effectively and swiftly, making it easier for less-experienced SecOps team members to solve more complex security issues.

Peermap, Trust Features, and 200 Expert Events for Seamless Security Workflows

Equipped with numerous advanced features, such as Peermap, Trust Features, and 200 Expert Events, LiveWire for Security offers seamless workflows and stories for security investigators to follow. These features help security teams to quickly identify patterns, trends, and potential issues within their networks, allowing them to take swift action to mitigate risks and protect their assets.

Integration with Other Solutions for a Holistic Security Approach

LiveWire for Security’s ability to integrate with other network security solutions further enhances its effectiveness. By integrating with products like LiveAction’s LiveNX and ThreatEye, and other third-party solutions like Splunk and ServiceNow, LiveWire for Security provides a smooth transition from a security issue or ticket to a workflow for investigation and resolution of the situation. This comprehensive approach ensures that organizations can maintain a secure network infrastructure and effectively respond to the evolving threat landscape.

Keep Ahead of Cyber Threats

A powerful and adaptable solution for networks of all sizes, LiveWire for Security offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help organizations maintain robust security in today’s digital age. From its scalable architecture and Intelligent Capture capabilities to its user-friendly Web UI and seamless integration with other solutions, LiveWire for Security empowers security teams to effectively analyze and safeguard their networks. Equipped with the advanced capabilities of LiveWire for Security, organizations can stay one step ahead of potential risks and thrive in the digital world.

LiveWire for Security from LiveAction is ideal for helping SecOps teams to investigate security events and perform proactive threat hunt hunting.