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Three network problems LiveNX fixes faster by combining packet analysis and NetFlow

Back in July, LiveAction acquired Savvius (formerly WildPackets) to help deliver a more integrated solution for network operations (NetOps). Savvius’s deep experience with packet-based products allows us to use both packet analysis and NetFlow to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive view of the network (watch a video on this topic here). With integrated packet data, true root-cause isolation and remediation become much less cumbersome than workflows across multiple tools. Now teams can visualize, analyze, repair, and optimize their networks from the data center to the edge – what we’re calling next-gen NPMD.

Our product roadmap is ambitious, and we’re already delivering integration that enables our customers to experience how using both packet and flow data means seeing more of their network, and faster repair of their network problems. What can LiveNX users do with this initial integration with Omnipliance for packet capture and Omnipeek for deep diagnostic troubleshooting?

Here are three examples:

1. Troubleshoot Application Performance with Network Flow and Packet Analysis – If users are complaining about the performance of an internal application that uses a database server to gather information, see how a quick site search in LiveNX isolates an alert associated with that problem, follows the path that traffic is taking through the network (using packet data from Omnipliance), and drills down into packet data (via Omnipeek) to isolate the root cause and solve the issue.

2. Conduct VoIP Traffic Analysis with Flow Visualizations and Packet Analysis – If users are experiencing degraded VoIP quality, you will see how to access their site in the LiveNX dashboard, see a topology map, and view the “WAN application perspective.” Select VoIP from the application listing for specific issues such as jitter and packet loss. The topology map provides a path view, which enables root cause remediation by running VoIP packet analysis through Omnipliance.

3. Conduct Historical Analysis of Wireless Network Performance – To conduct a historical analysis for wireless application performance, LiveNX provides a historic report of client bandwidth and application response times. You may find out that increased application response times do not correlate to high bandwidth usage. Just click into that peak to immediately drill into packet-level analysis and find the problem.These are just a few of the exciting new capabilities resulting from our initial integration efforts of LiveNX and Omnipeek and Omnipliance. We recently announced even more upgrades and integrations in LiveNX 7.4, which you can read about here.

Want to learn more about the next-gen NPMD? Read our recent blog series on the topic with Part 1 and Part 2.

John K. Smith, Chief Technology Officer and Founder