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LiveAction proudly sponsored Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024, an event that brought together the best and brightest in the world of IT and networking. We saw at the event that now more than ever, the landscape of networking is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the demands of modern businesses for more agile, secure, and efficient IT infrastructures.

The feedback and interactions we experienced were overwhelmingly positive and provided us with invaluable insights. We are seeing that as organizations navigate the evolution of networking, technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE, Full Stack Observability, and tools like Cisco ThousandEyes, along with strategic capacity planning, are becoming essential components of their network and security architectures.

Here’s our key takeaways from the event and how we believe these elements are shaping the future of networking.

Packet Capture on Cisco UCS is a Game Changer

At Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024, LiveAction announced the certification of its advanced packet capture and forensics software on Cisco UCS, offering unparalleled performance, storage density, and enhanced security and network visibility, setting a new standard for network intelligence and observability on high-performance servers.

SD-WAN: The Backbone of Modern Networks

SD-WAN has emerged as a cornerstone for modernizing network infrastructures, offering enhanced agility, cost savings, and improved performance for cloud-based applications. By dynamically routing traffic across the best available paths, SD-WAN ensures optimal application performance and user experience. However, the complexity of SD-WAN networks require advanced monitoring and management solutions. Use LiveAction’s in-depth visibility and analytics for SD-WAN environments to ensure that your network teams can swiftly identify and resolve issues, optimizing the performance and reliability of their SD-WAN deployments.

SASE: Converging Security and Networking

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model integrates network and security functions into a unified, cloud-native service, promising enhanced security posture and simplified management for distributed enterprises. Implementing SASE effectively demands comprehensive visibility into both network and security domains. Support your SASE deployments with detailed insights into network traffic patterns and security threats, so you can confidently enforce security policies consistently and maintain the integrity and availability of IT services.

Full Stack Observability: A Unified View

As IT environments become increasingly complex, Full Stack Observability (FSO) has become critical for ensuring the health and performance of IT infrastructures and applications. FSO aims to provide a holistic view across all layers of the technology stack. LiveAction complements Cisco’s FSO initiatives by delivering granular network insights and analytics, facilitating rapid troubleshooting, and enhancing operational efficiency. By integrating network performance data into the FSO framework, you can bridge the gap between network operations and broader IT observability goals.

Cisco ThousandEyes: Extending Visibility Beyond the Enterprise

Cisco ThousandEyes extends monitoring capabilities to the internet and cloud, offering visibility into how external factors affect application delivery and user experience. While ThousandEyes provides an external lens on network performance, LiveAction offers a complementary internal perspective. Together, they provide a 360-degree view of network health, enabling organizations to diagnose and address both internal and external performance issues efficiently.

Capacity Planning: Preparing for the Future

Strategic capacity planning is essential for ensuring networks can accommodate current and future demands without excessive over-provisioning. Use detailed network traffic analysis, trend analysis, and predictive insights, to make practical decisions about network expansion and optimization. By aligning network capacity with business needs, organizations can achieve optimal performance and scalability.


The evolution of networking demands a strategic approach to managing and securing increasingly complex IT infrastructures. Technologies like SD-WAN, SASE, and the principles of Full Stack Observability, supplemented by tools like Cisco ThousandEyes, are at the forefront of this transformation.

Get ahead of the evolution with deep visibility, analytics, and management capabilities necessary to harness the full potential of these technologies. By leveraging LiveAction, organizations can navigate the complexities of modern networking, ensuring their infrastructures are not only robust and secure but also poised for future growth and innovation.