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Inspired by the recent Forrester Consulting study, “The Total Economic Impact™ of LiveNX and LiveWire”, the first blog post in this three-part series looked at how too many network management tools makes troubleshooting expensive and inefficient, and how LiveAction helps overcome this obstacle.

Now let’s focus on the second challenge identified in the Forrester TEI report: The inability to monitor and analyze flow efficiently. During their interviews with LiveAction customers, Forrester found that prior to using LiveNX and LiveWire, organizations were relying on a patchwork of solutions to monitor and evaluate their networks.

The result of this hodge podge: limited visibility of their overall networks, compounded by the complexities of managing many different solutions. Due to these limitations, the organizations not only found it difficult to identify and assess network issues, they had to work through cumbersome flow monitoring and packet capture processes.

Understand Traffic Patterns Through Better Visibility

LiveAction’s LiveNX and LiveWire have revolutionized enterprise network management by providing a comprehensive and intuitive platform for monitoring and analyzing network and application performance. A key feature that makes LiveNX and LiveWire unique is their ability to collect, analyze, and visualize flow and packet data, which provide valuable insights into network traffic and application performance, aiding in troubleshooting issues that affect users.

LiveNX excels at capturing and enriching network flow data, and then analyzing this data to help NetOps teams understand what’s happening on their network. LiveNX delivers the industry’s most advanced  visibility into the types of traffic flowing through the network, as well as the volume and direction of that traffic. By understanding these patterns, network operators better identify and resolve network congestion and other performance issues.

The best-in-class visual analytics of LiveNX empowers NetOps teams with continual monitoring of the active environment. LiveNX provides an intuitive view of network performance analytics and reporting, using enriched flow data to deliver the real-time status of:

  • sites
  • devices
  • interfaces
  • VPNs
  • service provider transport

With this network-wide visibility, NetOps pros can quickly identify incidents and resolve them to optimize their network. Often, however, deeper forensics are required to fix issues.

Diving Into the Packets

That’s where LiveWire, LiveAction’s high-speed packet capture solution, comes in. LiveWire provides needed visibility in places where the data lacks granularity, such as remote offices, branches, or the cloud. It converts packets into flow data, informing LiveNX with additional intelligence for visualizing the entire network. By offering the packet-level data that’s required for network forensics, LiveWire gives NetOps teams key insights for quick and efficient troubleshooting into their most important network segments.

As one finance network engineer explained to the Forrester study, “LiveAction is really good at taking trillions and trillions of flow records and being able to turn it into something useful in a visual means.” A technology team leader for financial services said of LiveAction, “It’s the best-of-breed product to do flow aggregation and reporting, and it continues to efficiently meet that need.”

LiveNX and LiveWire are powerful tools for maintaining a high-performing network, whether it’s on-premises, SD-WAN, cloud, or hybrid. LiveAction makes it easier for your NetOps team to stay on top of issues, and delivers a fast return on investment that looks great to your management team.

Watch for the final post in this series, where we discuss scalability and the difficulty of managing fast-growing network infrastructures. See you soon!

Check out the study to find out the total impact of LiveAction!  You can learn even more insights from this on-demand webinar, where LiveAction CTO John Smith and Forrester consultant Chris Loza discuss market trends and explore the study’s key findings in depth.  

— by David Weiss. David is Content Marketing Manager for LiveAction.


The Forrester TEI report on LiveAction is available now.